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On Tuesday I saw the headlines in Ouest France that there are 9 clinics being set up in dept.22 for the swine flu vaccinations. I have looked on the web at the paper but can`t find any reference at all to this news.Does anyone know when they are starting to operate.Our doctor says they will be around the end of October. Also has anyone received their prescription for the normal flu jab yet.

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Frederick-410470 1255541842

Yes, I received my prescription for the regular flu jab to collect the vaccine from the pharmacyabout two weeks ago, with an instruction to go to the infirmiere who would give the jab. Phoned the infirmiere in Baud and they were giving jabs from 12:30 to 1:00.

arcoat-392332 1255637973

from 25 october , iread ,but will start with certain groups of people

Buster-384132 1256295535

Spoke to Cpam this morning and they say the Grippe A is starting beginning of Nov ember with most important cases first...

I also looked in papers web site but couldn`t find anything either.

Ynot-423495 1256545885

By Grippe "A" do you mean the swine flu? If so, it sounds like the compulsory vaccinations with this untested vaccine are going ahead in spite of what some people have said. I have done my research and I would rather risk the flu than the treatment that can and has killed people.

Marianne29 1256548774

Vaccination for Grippe A will not be compulsory .....


Frederick-410470 1256555060

Ynot (done some research) is typical of the type of person who perpetuated the MMR scare. Hopefully not that too many people will listen to him/her. Firstly vaccination will certainly not be compulsory. Secondly to talk rubbish about the vaccine killing people is irresponsible. The people who have died had underlying conditions that caused death were shown to have had serious underlying conditions not affected by the vaccination. Grippe A, H1N1 flu will cause additional deaths (over and above the normal expected number of deaths) mainly among some young people who have no immunity and those with chronic respiratory, cardiac and other conditions. Many older people will have some immunity as H1N1 came around in '67. In the UK for example there are about 4000 extra deaths each year in winter attributed to the complications of whatever flu is going around. Epidemiological studies suggest that without the new caccines this could rise to about 12 to 15,000.

coothead 1256556839

Anyone having this vacine in my opinion is crazy! UNLESS you have underlying medical conditions - even though i have i will not be taking a risk with it.
This drug has not been properly tested and has been rushed through. There is no way i would want any of my family to have this drug. I speak from experience.
Also why do you think the USA have added a clause that joe public can not sue the pharmas for any side effects that develope as a result of this drug. I have been left disfigured by a drug thats still being used and side effects are being hushed up.
My advice, as someone that has spent the last 3 years researching the pharma's and drug side effects/reporting etc etc is dont do it!

urbangypsy 1256764462

my daughter is an insulin dependant diabetic I will risk the vaccine as I know what the ordinary cold can do to her and her blood sugars, she is very vulnerable also it was the same with the cevical cancer vaccine scare in the uk, a girl died and parents stopped their daughters from having the vaccine but you will always get something with a vaccine and I know it is rushed and not propertly tested but if it stops my child from dying then she will be having it.

Ynot-423495 1256764981

You have weighed up the information and have made your decision. Some of us object to being forced to take the vaccine against our will. We will wait to see if the right to refuse is taken from us.

JP-383438 1256765572

I have not heard anything about the vaccine being compulsory - where did that come from? Just a couple of words of warning - my pregnant daughter was very ill with swine flu in September, with a chest infection that took some time to clear up. Also, my other daughter in Canada has, only this week, known of two people locally who have died from swine flu, but had no symptoms other than a cough. Both of them were young and fit. So it looks as if the predictions were right, and the Autumn cases could become far more serious. I think I shall seriously consider having the vaccination if I get the chance.

julietkm24-414085 1256768662

The girl in the UK didnt die from the cervical cancer vaccine at all, she had a tumour, it was just unfortunate that she died the same day she had the vaccine.

however we will not be having the vaccine here. My friend works in a care home for disabled children and they have over 100 staff and only 7 had the vaccine last week.

julie - somewherenearstbrieuc

thud 1256772134

Also, my other daughter in Canada has, only this week, known of two
people locally who have died from swine flu, but had no symptoms other
than a cough.

Today's statistics say there have been 88 deaths total to date in Canada to which swine flu was a contributing cause. Thus 2 in one week, in one locality, both known to your daughter, is very unlikely. We really have no idea how many people have already had swine flu since most just take a paracetamol and sit at home until well. It is flu, not the black death.

coothead 1256808597

I am sorry urbangypsy but you do not know that your daughter having this rushed through (to make millions for the pharmas)not properly tested vacine will save her life! If she doesnt normaly have the ordinary flu jab, i think its very naive to put any trust in this vacine. You cant pick out the tiny amount that have died compared to the millions that have had it and been fine.
As i said earlier i would never trust a pharma again from what i have learnt about them in the last few years, certainly not with anything new thats not been tested properly. Its madness.

urbangypsy 1256847416

Thankyou for your opinion it is much appreciated but when diabetes goes out of control cardiac arrest and things can take place, I have lived here for over 4 years and watched my daughter exremeley ill with out of control diabetes topped with the fact that a cold can cause diabetic ketones and land her in hospital/ In the Hospital at pontivy earlier this year she had ketonacidosis and was placed on a trolley in the corridor of the emergency departement where we could not help but see another patient with the same condition as hers dying. He finally died during the night because they could not get the diabetes under control which was bery upsetting, so I do not and will not take the decision lightly and if it is offered to us I am going to have to consider it very thoroughly.


JP-383438 1256849811

Thud, I didn't say my daughter knew these people personally - sorry if you got that impression. However, she certainly didn't make it up - as far as she knows it's fact. (And how true are statistics anyway?) In the end, everyone makes up their own minds about the whole flu/vaccine business depending on their own situation.

arcoat-392332 1256914194

at least most of us know that it is not and could not be a compulsory vaccin in france..i worked as a nurse here in a vaccination centre and i know from experience that even mandatory vaccins like tetanos cannot be enforced wthout the services going through the courts..come on now sensible you really think the CDAS is going to take all the folks refusing to have this vaccin, to court?

i would like to know what a PROPERLY tested vaccin entails then..if you believe this one is not properly tested. a few facts would be welcome!

Dianamary 1256915519

No vaccines are ever compulsory..unless you count the fact that some countries don't allow you to enter without certain vacinations. We must all be sensible and if you have underlying conditions such as diabetes, then it is prudent to take what is on offer to safeguard your health and sometimes your life. Personally I won't need the vaccine this year, but my husband will most certainly be having it. Use your reserch well!

orme-384975 1256924334

On France 5 TV today, two doctors were discussing this vaccine. One had already had the jab a week ago. The other had said in the press that he wasn't going to have it, but that was because he was asked before he'd looked into it. Since then, he has checked it out, changed his mind and said he will be vaccinated tomorrow. He added that the 'adjuvant', which is the aspect which has been causing all the contraversy, is in fact one that is used in lots of vaccines.

arcoat-392332 1256993797

france has bought4 vaccines, i has little or no adjuvant which also reduces its efficiency.i dont know if we will have a choice.but for those that are worried about the adjuvant(orme is right in saying that it is these products which worry people) it would be worth discussing with a with the hep.b vaccin , it might be reserved for those with neurological problems(ME for example) but i am only surmising.i read in todays paper that switzerland has preferred their own lab developed vaccin than a foreign one because of hesitations concerning the adjuvant...but they dont say whats so much safer about their own can onlywonder if they are just favoring their own lab

arcoat-392332 1257014838

just read french news..vaccination for the french population(as opposed to certain groups)starts on 12 november

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