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Hi does anybody know where I can purchase nice and easy hair dye light ash blonde I live in meneac have friends arriving so don't want to look to wild thank you 

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Sarah 1473229928

Try the main supermarkets where you are as they sell it near us and at the moment have offers on hair dye, face creams and make-up.  Failing that you could try Boots on-line as they deliver here.  Sarah

Watty-794352 1473492783

When I first came to live in France I tried one or two brands and discovered that Garnier Colour Intense was similar to Nice n' Easy and at about €4 was good value too.  

pancypotter 1473521238

All the supermarkets have hair dyes.  You need to be careful using ash it can be very dull.  Go for No. 1 or no.2.

swalsey 1473540092

Still having a nightmare 3 hair dyes later horrid.ive got till weds can't get my colour delivered I will just have to wear hats!!!!!!

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