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For some Hay Fever sufferers the last few weeks have been somewhat unpleasant. Does anyone know of a Doctor who will prescribe a Kenalog injection - I know its a steroid but it seems to be the only thing that works for me! Carhaix, La Fouet area preferred but will travel!

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jane robertshaw 1152263565

My mum has told me that anyone suffering from hayfever should eat the local hney which is produced in your area. Its like having a flu injection ie a little of what you dont want to get is admin which prevents you from getting the full blown thing!

My advice is to find a local bee keeper and try a spoon full per day, that must be better than taking loads of tablets!

jane & allan.

Nomad-384791 1152274376

Basia. Give the local pharmacie a try first. They do peddle one a day tablets for "le rhume des foins". I used the Pharmacie de Poher, in Carhaix, The chemist is very helpful and speaks english, albeit with a Brooklyn twang. It worked for me.

Hope that helps


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The Nomad

Rivendell-385113 1152281784

I support what Jane has suggested and it really does seem to work.  I suffered really badly last year but since I have been taking local honey this year, I have hardly suffered at all.  My mum told me about this also - aren't mums wonderful!

kanisha-383405 1152283946

beconase nasal spray works brilliantly for me. strangely also stops the itching at the back of the throat runny eyes  etc. if I get bad i can get wheezy but with the spray it stops things in their tracks and it never gets that bad.

hardly used it at all this year on bad days it has been bad but the rest of the time I haven't needed anything.

jim couchman 1152307498

I support both suggestions. Local honey is very effective.

I had an unusually heavy bout recently. I went to the pharmacie and they gave tablets which worked within 24 hours.

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