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Good morning all, I've recently had 2 operations which have not cost me anything (small amounts) why am I paying health assurance and have done for 10 years, I am 80 does that entitle me to free healthcare? The amount I've paid in would have covered any operations had I put it to one side, have the feeling I'm being ripped off!

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Ronald-McDonald-933428 1610449454

I am guessing that the reason you didn't have to pay is because you had health assurance.  Maybe you would have had to pay if you were uninsured.  ??

mbw2012 1610450863

Thanks for reply, but it got paid by my Carte Vitale.

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I think you need to be a lot clearer about what you are paying for exactly, before anyone can comment.

When you say you are paying health assurance, do you mean you're paying contributions to CPAM? or you're paying for a mutuelle? or you're paying for a separate full private health insurance policy?

It would be surprising if you are paying for your carte vitale. If you have an S1 the UK will be funding you, if you're on some kind of pension France won't ask you for contributions. If for some reason you don't receive any pension at all, you may be paying around 8% of your worldwide income, it would all depend on your personal circumstances. 

If you're talking about paying for a mutuelle, whether or not your mutuelle contributes depends what treatment you need. Some things are covered fully by CPAM and some aren't, so if you don't have a mutuelle you may have to pay from your own pocket, maybe tens of euros or maybe hundreds of euros depending on what's involved. That's the thing about insurance isn't it, it's a waste of money if you never use it but sometimes when you don't have it, you wish you had.

If you're paying for a full private health insurance policy but you also have a carte vitale, I agree you are wasting your money.

mbw2012 1610520577

Thanks for your input , I have a Carte Vitale plus a Mutuelle no S1.State pension from UK and a small private pension UK.

I  feel that any medical needs that are important (not cosmetic) are covered by CPAM these 2 ops were not life threatening but I was having problems with an enlarged prostate and cartilage damage in my foot. 

Now it's decision time as to stop the Mutuelle or not.

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