Ill parent benefitting from treatment quality here

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Mother, over retirement age, diagnosed in UK with cancer, prognosis months. Has started radio-, soon starting chemo-. We live here and she is thinking of moving over nearby to allow mutual visiting easily in the time left, but not sure how to get her in the French sécu system - has anyone experience of this already, please?

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Your mother will be in receipt of her UK old age pension, so she should apply to the DWP for a form E121 which will allow her access to the French state 'assurance maladie' once she takes up residence here.

She will need to register via the local CPAM office and produce the E121, together with passport, proof of address and a bank RIB. They will issue an attestation detailing her insurance cover and subsequently a carte vitale allowing her to have her treatment costs automatically charged to the CPAM.

Next step is to register her with a local GP (medecin traitant). She'll need to fill in a form nominating him/her which she sends off to the CPAM.

She should also ask him to recommend her to be classified as having an 'affection de longue durée (cancer is one of the qualifying medical conditions). Once she's been approved by her regional medical commission, her CPAM will issue her with an updated attestation showing that she has 100% cover (ie, full re-imbursement of costs) for any future cancer treatment.

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The doctor will also organise her ongoing treatment by providing introductions to the appropriate cancer specialists.

Hope this helps.

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Helps a great deal, SD, thanks. As to proof that she has cancer, would a letter from her UK specialist and her notes suffice?

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She also has to open a bank account this has to be done with a full birth certificate not the shortened version + passport etc

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The letter and notes would be useful, but the treating physician will order his own up to date tests to start things off.

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