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I have just recieved a letter in the post which i am assuming says that i have been turned down for the 100% exoneration for long term illness as i have a thyroid problem which after an op i will have to have tablets for the rest of my life.Is this normal to be turned down? it says the motif is-conditions reglementaires d'attribution non remplies.I already have 100% for cancer related meds.Its says i have 2 months to appeal - but what am i suppose to say in the appeal? i dont understand why this has happend.Does anyone know where i can see a list of the 20 or so illnesses that it covers.many thanks

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Go to your doctor he will help you all he can.

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But i thought if you had something on the list you automaticaly got the 100% ? or is it not on the list

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I have to take thyrois tablets, and will have to do so for therest of my life after having a lump removed from my thyroid and half the thyroid removed. I also have to have 6 monthly blood tests.

However, it is NOT covered for 100%. We have a CV and a Mutuel, but even so, the thyroid ordonnance, if i had to pay in full for the thyroid tabs are only a couple of euros a packet.

Your Doc will tell you if your particular thyroid problem is a 100% reimbursement one.

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I know someone who has a similar problem and they are not reimbursed 100% either. However, like cranley, they only have to pay just over 2 euros per month for their treatment, which doesn't amount to much.

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Oh right, i thought it was one of the long term problems you get 100% for. my mistake. i dont know why he sent it off for then!
Thanks for your help.

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My wife has no thyroid gland and receives 100%.I would still return to the doctors to show him/her the letter .These drugs might only cost a few euro now who knows how much they may cost in the future.

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Yes, it's worth checking with the doctor - whichever way, he/she would be able to explain.

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