Lumbar Fusion Surgery

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Hi - Just wondered if anyone on this site has had spinal fusion surgery in France.  I am due to have 3 or 4 vertebrae fused in my lower back and thought perhaps there may be someone who could enlighten me as to what to expect as regards hospital stay, after care etc .Many Thanks

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Hi - I am also waiting for an op. I went to my surgeon who fully explained the process.  He showed me pictures of operations he had recently done.  He explained it was a serious operation not to be confused with basic scraping. The op took about 2-3 hours with a 5 day stay in hospital.  He said the skin around this part of the back was particularly difficult to recover. I would need to take various drugs for blood clotting etc.

When home I would need nurse visits daily for about 5 weeks.  This area of the back is particularly susceptible to infection. 

Before I could have the operation he wanted me to have strong core muscles. This would help a great deal with my recovery. I have been on a 30 session course at the Kine (physio) but I am not fit enough yet.

Do tell us how you get on.  Back pain is terrible - I had a bad relapse 2 weeks ago!

Wishing you the best.

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Yes, please let us know how it goes.  I have been taking pain killers like sweets for years now and today I just knocked up and poured over a ton of concrete for a floor so not too sound at the moment.  Wondering if this sort of op might help.

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Don't know what "scraping" means - what I'm having is metal rods, screws etc.  I know they don't do this sort of operation for all back pain.  My spine is unstable with a vertebrae moving back and forth over another, so I'm hoping that after the initial pain from surgery I will get some relief from the constant pain that I am in now.  I too take painkillers like Smarties but find that morphine doesn't agree with me too well and causes abdominal pain and nausea, not to mention extreme tiredness.  As I said, I just want to know what to expect as regards hospital stay, after care (would I go to a rehabilitation hospital for a period of time afterward) and, if anyone knew, what to expect from this particular surgery.  Will let you know how it goes, once I have it done.

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Sustainable Fish - I think spinal fusion surgery is a last resort so if you are able to knock up and pour over a ton of concrete in a day then you are not really ready for this type of thing.  Well done though - that's some going, laying a floor in a day.

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Yes it is the same op with something that looks like meccano and loads of screws. The wonderful MRI scan had picked out the mess my back is in. The surgeon did say it may not get rid of all the pain and may leave me stiff.  A lady down the road has had the op several weeks ago.   She has decided to stay with her family to give her the help she needs. She must be very careful with her movements at the moment.  Her husband is here working, I'll ask again how it is all going.

I was told only to take the painkillers when I was  really bad, basically when I am unable to move.  They do cause me to feel very odd and I have the usual stomach problems, even if I have them with food.  I only have them now as a treat!  

I could only walk a few metres but I was told to increase this steadily - 200m then 500m, 1K and eventually 2K.  I was told to use Nordic Sticks which are great. This has helped me feel better physically and mentally.  I never thought I could do it.  I was also told to keep my head up, not looking down, like having a string pulling your head up like a puppet.  This is good to take the weight off your back.  All this helps but of course does not cure an underlying problem.

Bon courage to everyone with bad back ache

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