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Does anyone out there know if there is an equivalent of the above in Brittany please? Poppy56

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Dame Celtique 1253468365

There is a new Charity - Cancer Support France for English speaking cancer patients & their families. They aim to give help like this to the ex-pat community.

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Can you please tell me where they are situated .


Heather Jeffery 1254752065

The contact number for Cancer Support France - Brittany branch is 02 96 45 76 20

Dame Celtique 1256905320

Before I brought my Husband home from hospital they gave me details of an organisation of Companions - an organisation similar to Macmillan - & arranged for a lovely lady to visit us. she, his G.P. the ADMR organiser & an English Carer came to see us. The Companions arrange for someone to sleep-in to give you a break, sit with the patient to enable you to go out to shop, keep appointments or just have a break. Sadly we had to return to hospital the next day as the pain relief was insufficient at home & he needed intravenous morphine. He died peacefully, 3 days later. Cancer Support France is much needed & we asked for donations in his memory to go to them. I have recieved another 100€s which I will forward to them.

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Hello Dame Celtique

Thank you for your latest reply. We are very sorry to hear of your husband's death please accept our sincere sympathy.

Since my first posting here my husband & I have become members of Cancersupportfrance, and hope to be able to help people and raise funds for this very needy charity. For that reason we are holding a coffee morning at our house on 30th November near to Josselin, details can be found out by private emailing me.

The website for this charity is


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