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Want is the going average for cover for 70+ please

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Fitter 1473787361

There isn't a "going average"

Try here :-

it's a bit like "compare the market"(meerkat) 

Balli 1473787774

This is impossible to answer as it depends what cover you are looking for.This is who we used to find ours:

all4one-10057182 1473842797

Most insurers will give a "multi" policy discount i.e. house, car , health with the same company usually minimum 10% extra discount. Additionally most companies offer differing levels of cover i.e. Bronze,Silver, Gold and/or will tailor policies to suit your needs so that you are not paying for something that you do not want or do not need. I have always found my bank CMB very competitive and helpful.

Watty-794352 1473853021

I pay €27 per month for a hospital only mutuelle.  I calculated that the extra payable for full cover far exceeds my yearly costs which include regular GP visits for blood pressure tablets, CT scans, X-rays, consultant appointments, ophthalmologist, dentist etc. etc.  My own contribution to all these is minimal.   

Balli 1473870077

We (age 62 and 55) pay €120.53 per month with AFPS (via Soficas). They have 4 levels of cover and this is next to the top (level 3). 

I guess it depends on what you think you may need (although not sure how any of us can assess that!) and what you can afford. We consider healthcare to be a top priority so are happy to pay.

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