Opthomologist for cataract treatment

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My wife had eye test last week at visionexpress maidstone. They said she has start of small cataract and would be best to catch it early. Hence my research for opthomologist in central brittany. How do i find one please?thx

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countrydweller 1496747358

Firstly go to your m├ędecin traitant here in France.He/she will refer you.If you go direct then you will not get back all your costs from CPAM assuming that yu are in the French Health system

bretonlion 1496749609

Noyal Pontivy Hospital have an eye department which is very good ..

bernice-384227 1496751109

You don't need to get a referral from your doctor to see an ophtalmologue (eye specialist) but your doctor would be able to suggest one.  In any case it would be worth talking to your doctor and asking his advice. 

Watty-794352 1496751340

I have had a cataract for over 12 years and have been told by more than one ophthalmologist that it will not be necessary for treatment until my vision can no longer be rectified by glasses/contact lenses.  It is not a case of 'catching it early'.

I have it checked every year, along with glaucoma check etc.  I think you have been misinformed.

Fi inkerauffret 1496759314


I see Dr LeRoy at Carhaix every 6 months for Glaucoma but unsure of his waiting list.  He speaks excellent English and undertakes cataract operations in Quimper.  Hope this is useful 

jnorthr-405255 1496760268

Yes I, just made it 2 Carhaix. Had to ask tourist bureau for town map to Dr.LeRoy's office, only to discover it's close to Orange Tel. Office in market center! So mme is on for 7sept. What do they do for ur glaucoma? Do you take tab.s or eye drops? Does Dr.LeRoy speak any english?

bernice-384227 1496764494

Watty is correct.  Some cataracts develop quite slowly.  The surgeon will not normally operate until it is interfering with your vision. It will be monitored at your annual eye checks.

The ophthalmologist will also check for glaucoma at your annual visit. 

Fi inkerauffret 1496764743

I Have eye drops to use every night for the glaucoma and he now has a specific machine to look into your eyes if you are diabetic and with glaucoma

Dr LeRoy speaks excellent English

jimbo99-445600 1497002420

Thank you for that advice. We have also identified an optomologist in Morlaix by the name of Docteur Patrice MACQUART DE TERLINE


just an answerphone with recording but no human secretary.

Fi inkerauffret 1497013467

Which hospital would the operation be at if you see an opthamolgiste in Morlaix.  They are done here under a general anaesthetic and you go home the same day with a dressing over the eye.  The nurse comes the next day to remove the dressing and according to my neighbour who recently had the op she was advised to wear sunglasses to protect from the wind for a couple of weeks.  Hers was at the polyclinic in Pontivy and she saw the cardiologiste in Carhaix then the anaesthetist i Pontivy.  On the day the taxi arrived to take her to Pontivy at 6.30am and returned her home just after 3pm.  15 or so minutes under the general then the obligaotry hour in recovery

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