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Hi, any recommendations for an Optician in the Lannion/Morlaix area?  Also for an Opthalmist?

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Rosemary Williams 1456270830

about 18mths ago I popped into the opticians in the Ge'ant building at Lannion and asked for a eye test which they started there and then,but the optition told me after a short time that he could not continue as there was a problem with my eyes and i should go to my doctors as soon as possible i shall always be grateful to that optician as i would never have known

vichy-445734 1456316849


Cabinet d'Ophtalmologie et d'Orthoptie 

5 Hent Dall A,  Le Qeurrec,lannion  22300

0296 37 75 75.

If you have a doctors letter it may reduce waiting times 

I made my rdv in Sept 2015 for mai 2016 

I go every year as requested by them. 

Good luck, 



jardinsetgites 1456334535

Thanks both for the useful information.

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