Plantar Fasciitis

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Hello,Looking for advice from anyone who has suffered from the above. Should I get treatment from the doctor or is there something I can do. It has been 6 months now and it is becoming a nuisance. I have read that it could take upto a year for it to clear and that it needs rest.Any advice would be much appreciated.

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See your doctor first of all. Rest may not be the best solution - he/she may suggest physiotherapy or a support sole to wear in your shoes.

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I had this years ago it was extremely painful, I had insoles to wear in my trainers (orthoheel I think they were called) they took quite a bit of getting used to but really helped and I also had steroid injections into my heels also very painful but they injected an anesthetic at the same time which started to work immediately. Never had a problem since.

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Look up " natural remedies for Plantar Fasciitis" online. (Avoid anyone/site selling something.) There are probably poultices, and natural, homeopathic solutions to be found and put together with ingredients from the local market or health food store. Avoid steroids and other pharmaceuticals when you can.

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Hi I got this after surgery on my foot, I guess from not putting any weight on it for over 2 months - all the doctor did was send me to physical therapy - one of the best exercises is stairs - also standing on any step half way and then letting your heels drop, this stretches out all the muscles all the way down - hold for 30 seconds and repeat 3 times if you can - work up to multiple times a day.  At PT they also massaged the foot and used a thick piece of metal that was smooth and rounded to run over the area the help smooth them out.  sitting with your legs up bend your foot back towards you and hold and repeat - I am sure there might be more exercises you can do.  There was mention of some shots and a medication but you had to take the medication for 12 months and I didn't like the sound of either.  Other people told me even after it is better or gone - keep doing the exercises every so often to maintain and to make sure you don't get again.  Good luck.

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You can access all these remedies and creams from a pharmacist in France as they embrace homeopathy. 

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