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I have recently suffered a thrombosis and have been prescribed the above drug I understand that it is only prescribed in France. Is there anybody out there taking this drug and if so how do you find it, any side effects etc.etc. I understand that warfin is not available in France. Any info would be useful. Brenda

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Hi Brenda
Have been on this drug now for 3 months. As you say it appears that it is only available in France and is a derivative of warfarin. No side effects from this drug but the problem is that you have to balance the INR to between 2 & 3 which means very regular blood tests initially every 3 days then as it settles down goes to 1 per week, when you have balanced the INR I believe the tests go out to 1 per month. Problem is my INR goes up and down and I have to change the dosage virtually every week.

By the way it works by reducing vitamin K, so if you eat green veg which is rich in vitamin K your INR reading will fall, hence the difficulty in getting the right balance.

Due to the regular blood tests your arms will be bruised!

If you have been given beta blockers as well then some of these will give side effects such as stomach cramps and fatigue - if so ask your doctor to change the tablets - worked for me.

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My hubby took previscan for a number of years. It is very like Warfarin, and needs regular blood tests. After several weekly blood tests, it settled down to regular monthly blood tests. He took it alongside Flecaine. He never had any side effects taking it.

Now the previscan no longer needs to be taken, he takes a soluble presription aspirin instead.

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