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Can I throw a medical question out there for those with arthritic knees who don't mind answering. It can be a simple yes or no answer, no medical details are needed.When they are bad, have you ever had a funny kind of pinging/snapping/flicking sensation inside rather than just constant pain? It's like someone draws back a big elastic band and lets it go inside just for a split second then it's ok again? It only happens under stress, eg walking.The dr told me it was arthritis, but it doesn't sound like it to me, compared to those I know with it, but I've not really spoken to enough people with it to be sure, however I thought arthritis hurt all the time during bad stints. For me it's only ever bad when I do a lot of cleaning, stairs, fast walking etc. The temperature and humidity doesn't seem to make any difference to me which I thought was typical arthritic conditions.I'm going back today and wanted to follow up on it and it would be nice to have some information to go with if she was wrong.Thank you.

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Have a read of this 'Iliotibial band syndrome'


It could also be a tear of the meniscus cartilage.

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PS: Doesn't sound at all like arthritis to me!

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Thank you for your reply.

Well that was my thinking, so I've been back today to discuss it again. Her initial diagnosis was a meniscus tear but the MRI showed this was OK and there was arthritis.

Today she still says it is arthritis, but a certain kind. She says my cartilage has worn (not completely but a bit) and the cushion is not sufficient to keep the bones apart under stress, so they ping in to each other. ...Continue with the knee support that I bought from Decathlon. ´┐╝All well and good and it does work, but only with jeans otherwise it slips and in the summer it's too hot for jeans and exercise! 

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I have osteoarthritis in the knees. 12 years ago I had partial replacements of both knees because the cartilage had worn completely away so it was bone on bone and I can assure you it was definitely a grinding pain and walking was like having a hot knife rammed into the joint with every step I took. The pain was relentless the whole time, even at night and I lived on painkillers.I would happily have swopped for what you describe! Having said that you obviously have a problem and you must persevere for a diagnosis.

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Should have also said that my consultant diagnosed that by doing an arthroscopy (I still have the photos he took of the inside of my knees). You have to decide if it is currently bad enough to warrant an operation and how much of an effect it is having on your life. I was at the end of my tether and post op it was like having a new life.

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Sorry but from my own experience of knee injury and treatments-the 'pinging/snapping/flicking' sensation isn't just related to arthritis. Virtually everyone, as they age, gets 'mild' arthritis in spine/hips/knee etc.

If no meniscus tear then she should be looking at anterior crucial ligament or the iliotibial band. Supporting it with a wrap or a brace isn't a permanent fix. Why not ask for a second opinion?

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sounds to me you have onset of osteo-arthritis. No, it doesn't hurt all the time, it does sometimes get affected by damp and cold weather. I would recommend you start taking good quality Glucosamine daily; it may help. Does your knee feel unstable? If you sit and straighten it, does that hurt? Is there lateral movement of the knee. Does it become swollen? Retired medic and arthritic sufferer.

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I've got an appt with the rheumatologist later this year.

Theres no pain when I bend or straighten it, but a lot of movement in it. If I cover my knee with my hand I can feel things moving around inside, makes my head go funny, I'm not good with bones!

I've never noticed anything with damp/cold weather, simply stress on the knee.

For some years now if I bend down I have to push myself up again with my hands, I can't stand up with my legs only, my knees are not up to it. I feel too young for this to be happening already. :(

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early onset O/A

Bod 1497882643

Thank you to all who've replied

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I find turmeric 'Golden Paste' is very good a relieving the pain in my rickety old knees.  It's a natural anti-inflammatory.  Try Googling it, I'm sure you'll be amazed at all the health benefits of turmeric/Golden Paste.  JC

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absolute poppycock - turmeric.!

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