Quiet swimming pool near Carhaix/Rostrenen?

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I want to start swimming but am very slow and not confident. Each time I have tried the pool at Carhaix it has been very crowded and restricted lanes. Can anyone suggest a pool that doesn't get too busy, or advise times when Carhaix may be quiet, preferably during the day? Thanks

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Live&Love 1463762272

Sunday's about 1pm is generally quiet and has a lane roped off too

Jellytot47 1463784784

Thank you. I'll try that time and hopefully build my speed up so I can also go when it's busier as I need to go 3-4 times a week.

flobeck 1464128309

Try the one at Gouarec only been open a couple of years they have a small pool for little ones and a big pool with lanes for swimming up and down.

steve the painter 1464367180

The Carhaix pool is very quiet on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday during the period 12 - 1.30pm, also Sunday mornings. But there is always a 'roped off' area for slow swimmers, whatever time you go. There is also a separate pool for very slow and non swimmers. When you go, pick up a timetable which will advise of opening ours and go lunchtimes, and sundays.

Oldbury 1475235537

I hope you find a quiet time when you can practice and improve your swimming; meanwhile, would slow and non-swimmers please not get in the swimming lanes if they are designated for swimmers. Grrrrrrr

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