Seasonal affective disorder.

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I have just started with my winter affliction S.A.D. (Seasonal affective disorder) do we have any more victims to share experiences? I have recently ordered a "SAD light which has not yet arrived due to the Postal strike in England .Has anyone got one? and are they of benefit? I would be very interested to hear. Collie

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Pitstop-401534 1256460847

Hello ,
I have real trouble with stirring myself in the dark mornings , i put a plug in timer on two bedside lamps one 20 watt comes on at 7am and the other brighter one comes on at 7.30 , it is cheap and effective,
Of course i will possibly have to change the timers as the clocks just changed ,

Hope this helps ,


Celtic muse-386295 1256462759

I suffered from SAD in the UK..very debilitating, luckily since I have been here and tending to the animals needs, being outside more in the miserable weather it has been less so, also having a conservatory helps me as the old cottages are normally very dark.

You should benefit from the light box..many do, so I hope this year things improve for you.

bartyb 1256468105

Light box and StJohn's Wort will change your life!!

Collie-424112 1256500905

Thanks! I'll let you know how my light box works- when it arrives


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Couple of years ago I had an office without any windows. Bought a Daylight bulb. What a difference. Really white light. That helped

Felicity789 1256545439

Rhodiola Rosea (arctic root) is brill, can get it off the net if not from local pharmarcies.

Collie-424112 1256884307

Hi Felicity

Thanks for your response.I have never heard of the stuff you mention. Is it an herb? What is it supposed to do? Curious and interested.

Jean ( Collie)

Dame Celtique 1256903368

Twelve years ago I suffered S.A.D. for 4 years. Read that getting up at dawn ALL YEAR ROUND would make a huge difference. It did. It also enabled me to enjoy quiet times in the dark months as few people were up when I was. I do hope all the advice & solutions will enable you to get back to a normal life.

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