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Hi anyone want to start a Brittany SW group with me?  We could possibly start a group on Facebook and have a weekly weigh in day where we post our loss or gain... No need to state weight if you don't want to.  I can explain the SW rules to anyone.  We can support each other and give each other ideas.  Who knows we may be able to meet up occasionally? Anyway let me know. Kelly  

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mazdamx5 1447540924

Where are you

kellyorchard 1447558401

I'm in Le Resto, Bieuzy 56310

Zigzu 1447662291

Hi Kelly, 

Yes I would, but I will be in the UK until March/April 2016. Still not a problem if on line though. Clive


grannydot-403561 1447664645

Be careful calling it a slimming world group. Copyright or what ever bit of that law cover it. Call it slimming friends or something like that. Use their diet by all means it is good. Good luck.

fluff-795062 1455727840

I live near i would definatly be up for that if you are still doing it as its 120 euros to join on line and i dont want to do it on my own let me know :)

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