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I need some help in making a decision. Surfing back through AngloINFO discussions on smoking I see that there are smokers asking for help. I was an Allen Carr therapist and enjoyed helping smokers who wanted to quit (around 6000 in 9 years). I would love to get back into it but the problem is I don't know if there are enough smokers here for me to register. I know how successful I can be and I would give a money back guarantee. If you think there are enough smokers or not please get back.Any ideas would be very welcome.ThanksJoe

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shiawase 1254423799

Sorry missed the obvious. The title has a typo and should read STOPPING SMOKING- of course. I would love to start up again in France but want to avoid set up and advertising costs if there are not enough potential clients. Please let me know what you think.

RON WILLIAMS-409620 1254424237

Hi Joe

Do you really have a cure, because I have tried so many. I am 77 and I have tried on so many occsasions. I have been a smoker for 65 years. I have given up so many times, tow or three years at a time. This time for eight months but now back on the weed again. Come on do you really have a cure? I am sorry I do not b elieve you. Come on try and convince me. It would be a miricale.

never say never.

didi 56 1254424962

I would be interested as have been trying on and off for the past three years.

Where you are based??

thoma-413534 1254425297

I too would like to believe the help you give could help me to stop. So, i need convincing too!

swap shop lass 1254427950

I quit by reading the Alan Carr book and so did my brother in-law and my ex hubby did the semina and quit so good luck with it and good luck everyone trying to quit.


koat 1254429099

the alan carr book helped me quit too; nearly 4 years now. best of luck

batlands 1254468448

In English I'd guess at only a tiny number, can you do it in French? There's the market...

Noonie-403465 1254476143

I was on only 4 cigs a day before reading Alan Carr, by the time I finished the book I went back up to 20! Didn't work for me I'm afraid, willing to give it another go though!

arcoat-392332 1254479202

it would be inresting to contact your local hospital cessation clinic.having also done this job, they would certainly send you clients or at least tell them you exist..the waiting list is months long in hospitals

have it all 1254480527

i to stopped smoking reading the alan carr book,but started again after 8months im on my last 15 cigs .and going to attemp to stop again ,i no longer have the book wish i had .

shiawase 1254506884

Thank you to everyone that has taken time to reply. The early responses would indicate that there is a need.
I will try to give quick answers here to the points raised so far but if anyone would like to email me direct I would be happy to help individually.
Thanks for your posting Ron. I do understand your skepticism which is shared by Didi 56 and Thoma but unfortunately it would be very difficult to "convince" you in the space allowed although the postings by Swap Shop Lass and Koat and even Have It All can speak for me. My seminar/presentation lasts for 4 to 5 hours. If there is a secret then it is that we will look at Why we smoke rather than Why we should not smoke. In other words, everyone knows the reasons why we should not smoke but they don't actually help us to stop - they make us want to stop but they dont help us to do it. I look at the reasons given for smoking, such as; smoking helps me relax, helps stress , boredom and concentration and show that the opposite is the truth. I take away the need, reason and desire to smoke. In other words where ther is no need or reason then there is no desire. And no withdrawal, as I'm sure Swap Shop Lass and Koat and Have It All will agree. I stoped this way myself after 34 years smoking and finally on 40 a day. I hope that helps.
Thanks for your suggestion Batlands. You are right but unfortunately my french is not yet up to that standard. I am working hard on it.
Noonie. If you email me I will give you my number and happy to help gratis.
Arcoat. Unfortunately the medical system in France and the rest of the world have bought into the drugs, and NRT and scare tactics. This is drug free and although there is and ocean or annecdotal evidence (25 years) and robust research showing success it is not yet accepted. I can only say look at the responses from successful people in this short posting.
Thanks again everyone. Please keep this thread going and feel free to email me direct.

arcoat-392332 1254688319

no scare job was psycological support just as you described.we considered a 30%success rate over i year was good.not everyone is at the same point on the road to smoking cessation

shiawase 1254852077

Arcoat, If the NHS achieved an 18% success after one month they were delighted! I do not understand when you say "

no scare tactics" but I do know that scare tactics make the smoker want to stop but they do not help them to actually do it. Thanks for your posting though.

TryAgain-414541 1254854541

I tried the Allan Carr method and it did nothing for me. I stopped smoking and it was really, really easy, but not using that method.

I know it has helped thousands of people, but please don't give the impression that it always works or that other ways don't, as I have seen in another discussion, because that's unfair to people who want to stop.

TheWrights-423094 1254857179

I went on an Alan Carr group session whcih was just over one day. I have never smoked since! Before that I was a 40 day Marlborough girl... used to light one not even realising I already had one on go!!!

Never seen the book but the course was brilliant!

Natasha x

shiawase 1254859036

Try again, I cant see how you can say that "give the impression that it always works or that other ways don't". Reading back at my posting I was clear in giving the reasons why it works but at no time suggested that it was the only way . Nor have I said that "other ways don't work". Obviously people stop all the time, but what I am saying is that it is easy if you understand the concept.
The point is that other ways have not worked for people who wrote in and my aim is to give the information I was asked for.
It worked for me and as you said for many 1000s of smokers. Nothing is 100% successful for everyone. Congratulations on kicking the weed yourself, by the way:)

TryAgain-414541 1254859483

No, I know you aren't saying that here, but in another thread you do. I think it's great that the A.C. method has worked for so many people, but it isn''t right for everyone. Incidentally, isn't the money-back guarantee standard to all A.C.-trained therapists? I thought it was.

Im think you'd need to learn enough French to do it, because you'd have to r6egister as working, so you'd be paying all the charges and so on, so you'd have to be sure of a good turnover (if that's the right word in this instance.)

shiawase 1254862183

Try again, You said "No,
I know you aren't saying that here, but in another thread you do".
If you have a comment to make about a posting in another thread then you should make that comment in the relevant thread. I stand by my comment that you agreed with for that thread as well.
I no longer represent the Allen Carr organisation but will defend the method as THE most successful method known. The Money Back Guarantee shows confidence in the method and, as far as I am aware the only organisation of its kind to do so.
My French is coming along really well but I have no plans at the moment to try that market but thanks for the suggestion.

TryAgain-414541 1254863097

If you have a comment to make about a posting in another thread then you should make that comment in the relevant thread.

You are absolutely rightand apologise. In fact, I think I got confused about which thtread I was posting inm as am very ill and probably shouldn't be posting at all, if I can't get it right. I will concentrate harder.

Yes, I believe youthat the Allen Carr method is the most successful.

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