Tooth Infection

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I had a dental appointment today and it confirmed that my tooth is infected. The pain in my jaw is so severe that I can't describe it. The dentist which I got to see said that my tooth had most likely abscessed and I could either have it removed or have an emergency root canal therapy ( ). Has anyone been through this? What does this sound like to you? Should I have the tooth removed or have the root canal treatment?

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Petrolpower 1491631260

Been through the same, had 2 root canals waste of time and painful!!! had to have it out in the end although Dentist refused to take it out untill absess had gone following a course of antibiotics.  given the choice again I would go straight and have it out instant fix

countrydweller 1491638357

Have it taken out it will only cause you further problems later on

chèvrefeuille 1491638644

Once it's gone it's gone. Root canal treatment is straightforward and if it saves the tooth it's the obvious choice. 

Tryval 1491644331

My experience sadly as first two, cost fortune and lost it anyway :-(

Jack60 1491644479

If, like me, you don't have 'strong' teeth, hang on to them as long as you can! In the UK, more than once, I opted for extraction rather than root canal ..... quick fix, cost and not really trusting the dentist. Here, I have had 2 root canal. Absolutely NO pain from the actual procedure! Yes, the treatment is a bit lengthy but I have a lovely dentist and I trust her explicitly. Plus she only charges the set rates (can't remember the right term for this) so with CPAM and complementaire I got a full refund.

Fitter 1491730279

It depends where the tooth is really - I had root canal treatment on a front tooth 30 years ago and ended up having a crown put on it, which has had to be replaced once over here with a crown on a post. 

If it's a back one have it out - it can't cause you pain if it's in the dentist's dustbin.

Tryval 1491777307

Have it out

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