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My Doctor wants a urine sample and take it to the Pharmacy - he quotes 80 Euro.  Is this right????    I thankfully do have a Top Up insurance but the price does seem excessive!  Do Phamacies take samples or should I go the Laboratory?   Thank you.

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itinerant child-414831 1490392924

Sounds like somone is taking the p...

Rosemary J-Ross-Marion-857109 1490393592

Eloquently put!

Nice one - tend to agree with you but It is on the Ordnance!!

Bernice-872463 1490426012

What is written on the ordonnance?  The cost is never mentioned there ....  

You can pick up an (empty ....) "flacon" at the pharmacy or the laboratory, fill it as required and take it to the laboratory together with the ordonnance and your carte vitale and mutuelle.   They will do the analysis and send a copy of the results to your doctor and also to you. 

Oldbury 1490523177

No, Rosemary, that cannot possibly be right, not just for a urine sample. Did this include the €24 you pay to the GP?. Your doctor would normally write you a prescription (ordannonce) and sometimes, if they have them in stock, an sample bottle, otherwise you get one from the pharmacy or labatoire analyses. They will take your sample away when you supply it and charge you accordingly and then copy a analysis report to you and your doctor.

Balli 1490731692

Whenever we've had to provide a sample (or 24 hours worth we collect the flacon) from Labazur, produce our carte vitale and have the results online the same day. We pay nothing (we have a mutuelle). https://www.labazur.com/

Rosemary J-Ross-Marion-857109 1490732419

Hi to All My Messagers  

I happened to see a District nurse today and she took my sample and no money was exchanged just my Carrte  Vitale- still rather confused why my doctor wrote down 60 Euros!?   So hopefully all is resolved!  

Thank you one and all.

Busterboy 1490737923

Perhaps it said 60 mlts

George Canning 1490765738

Well the cost went down 20€ during the course of this thread.

Fish24 1490768034

Let's hope we will know the final cost as that's a lot for a p..!  Didn't it used to be 1p?

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