Vaccination for Shingles

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Has anyone had the vaccination for Shingles?  I was not aware of this vaccination but I would like to have it if I possibly can as I am nearing 70.  I shall be making contact with my doctor to see what she has to say and call into my Pharmacy as the have been dispensing my medications for nearly 5 years now to see what they have to say,   RJR_M        

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Laura29 1456443461

My Mother suffered badly with Shingles, it's a dreadful thing. A vaccine would be marvellous and help so many people. It would be very interesting to know if it's available here.

dangermouse-440611 1456477182

hi my mother in law had the shingles when we moved here 7 years ago we went to our doctor and he gave her an injection and said you will never have shingles again, so yes there is something out there.regards derek

Janouk 1456477919

As others have said, if there is a vaccine then it's well worth seeking it out - Virus Zona is the most dreadful, painful virus. I had it in my ear and the whole of that side of my face was paralyzed, I couldn't close my eye and it has left me with a permanant problem on that side of the face. I have known of several other fellow sufferers with varying degrees of horror stories, so, if it's out there and available, get it!

brionybob 1456477975

In England you have to be 70 to get it. It is being introduced over a period of time.

So you are the right age to be asking.

ferrandiere 1456493567

My husband had the vaccine last year. He had shingles in 2014 and didn't want to go through it again. It is an expensive vaccine and CPAM may not pay for the whole cost if you haven't already had shingles. 

Lazydaze-442065 1456569276

There is an article in the TV magazine that came with the Telegramme this morning. Lots of info here-

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