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Has anyone had the vaccination for Shingles?  I was not aware of this vaccination but I would like to have it if I possibly can as I am nearing 70.  I shall be making contact with my doctor to see what she has to say and call into my Pharmacy as the have been dispensing my medications for nearly 5 years now to see what they have to say,   RJR_M        

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Hi There, Does anyone know anything about an acupuncturist who is situated at the lake in Brenillis? I am very keen to have some treatment for my arthritis but am reluctant to go to someone without a recommedation. Failing that does anyone know of one within two hours drive of Huelgoat?

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Hi if a person qualifies  fro the C M U healthcover do they pay a  thanksreduced rate of insurance or even none at all? thanks

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Hi, any recommendations for an Optician in the Lannion/Morlaix area?  Also for an Opthalmist?

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Hello   has any one any info on how to get carte vitale we live here and are not retired so would welcome advise on best way to approach tnis  problem .  kind regards 

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I'm looking for a Mctimoney Chiropractor in Britttany, I wonder if they practice in France?  I've seen Chiropracteurs but not Mctimoney.

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Could someone who knows please tell me what I have to do to get an eye test and new glasses here in France. I am torn between going over to Plymouth as a foot passenger and getting all sorted there but I have varifocals with a complex prescription, so I would probably have to go back a week after the eye test and selection to collect, so could work out expensive. I need to do it soon as my frame has a crack in it and I can't wait until they break, as I cannot be without them during waking hours. Internet no good as I need my specs properly fitted - as I said, it is a complex prescription.   Thanks in advance.

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Just thought I'd let you know that there is a health and well-being show on at Janzé, just south of Rennes over the weekend (I'm nothing to do with the organisation admin, although I will have a Reiki stand there). Friday 26th February - 4pm - 10pm, Saturday 27th 10am to 7pm, Sunday 28th 10 am to 6pm, in the salle du gentieg at Janzé behind the swimming pool.  There should be something there for everyone.  Magnetic jewellery, help for the disabled, family constellations, soul reading, healing (magnetiseur), argan oil, shiatsu, baby yoga, sophrology, aloe vera, nail bar, herbalife, divining, facial massage, natural cosmetics, Reiki, astrology, mediumship, tarot, numerology, aura photography, bach remedies, feng shui, crystal healing, hypnotherapy, somatopathy, vegetarian food and much more. 

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I expect all policies are different but as a general rule......... I have a 'hospital only' policy with Harmonie and needed to go into hospital in December for a fairly major operation. All went well but I have just received a bill from the hospital. It's not for the operation itself but is for the pre-op meeting and tests with the anaesthetist that I had to go for at the end of November In advance of the operation. The bill shows that the mutuelle have refused to pay. The meeting was clearly directly related to the operation and involved meeting the anaesthetist to discuss the operation as well as having blood tests and ECG. Does anyone know if this is normal or should I challenge it? As my French is not great I thought I would seek some general guidance on here before trying to wade through the small print of my policy. I like to think that because the date of the meeting was earlier than my admission  date that there might be a misunderstanding. I also realise that insurance companies will avoid paying out if they can. Thank you.

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I have just tried a Shiatsu massage for the first time. Doriane, a French young lady, offers home visit around Dinan. I can recommend her services. Shiatsu is not just for relaxation, it can help with all sorts of problems: digestive, sleeping problems, phobias, etc.   dagget_do@hotmail.fr    

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Hi, can anyone recommend a good dentist in the Carhait-Guingamp region? I am will to travel farther. My dentist didn't want to give me novocaine, and I really need a sympathetic person. Thanks to anyone who answers  

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Hi Can anyone advise what documents are needed to get a Carte Vitale.  Also where is the office in Pontivy?  And do I need to make an appointment? thanks 

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Hi anyone want to start a Brittany SW group with me?  We could possibly start a group on Facebook and have a weekly weigh in day where we post our loss or gain... No need to state weight if you don't want to.  I can explain the SW rules to anyone.  We can support each other and give each other ideas.  Who knows we may be able to meet up occasionally? Anyway let me know. Kelly  

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Hi, Can anone advise if UK leave EU will people over retirement age 70 and 65 still get coverage by CPAM . My wife and I are full time resident in France with our french property our only home. At the moment my wife is diabetic and is covered by CPAM and our top up private cover. Will any of this cover stop if as the question asked UK leave EU. Thanks for any genuine advise. Peter

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Hi all, Last year I suffered an accident at work, I am self-employed. My doctor gave me some telephone numbers of surgeons in Vannes who might be able to help me. That was all the advice I had. I went to see a surgeon in Vannes who organized an operation, but at the time he did not seem optimistic.  I had the operation in July 2015 and I was in plaster for 7 weeks. I did the entire Physio program, followed all that I was told to do, but the arm is still painful when I apply force to it.  I have been signed off since February 2015 and received 500€ a month from the RSI, of which I still have to pay them 150 € a month in social charges. So recently I had meeting again with the RSI Doctor who looked at my arm that was his only investigation or appreciation (no scans or x-ray). My family Doctor and the Surgeon have told me my arm will never be right again, so I need to apply for an invalidity pension. I received a letter today from the RSI Doctor informing me that my financial help from the government is stopped, that I am fit to go back to work and I have no right to an invalidity pension, in other words the case is closed. I have had no money for over a month now and we are getting a little worried to say the least. Is there anyone or anything I can do to fight my corner, I feel very unfairly treated. I have worked and paid into the French system for 10 years. I have a certificate from the surgeon stating that the arm is unrepairable and that I am left with a disability that prevents me from doing my job. If you have been down this road before and have some advice we would love to hear from you.

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When I visit my docto,rdespite having a carte vitale and top up mutuelle, I still have to pay 7 euros. I don't visit very often at all, but I thought the cost was 23 euros, not 30 euros. Any ideas why this happens? Steve

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hi, i am still at the first hurdle even after some months, i rang the helpline in english (ameli) and got some unpleasent person being slightly patronising...anyway i knew i had to submit certain documents, but she then threw in that my birth cert has to be offically translated into french!? how on earth do i do that!? what's wrong with it in English, in regards, it shows my name, date of birth, parents name and place of birth, which is understandable in almost any language surely...are they just being awkward for the sake of being awkward...

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Does anyone knowthe correct address for CPAM Vannes please,where I have tosend the brown forms given by the Doctor?

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Does anybody know of an Apple cider vinegar in France that contains the 'mother' (i.e. the sediment) that has health benefits. I want to use it mixed with honey for joint pain relief. My father in the UK swears by it for arthritis. A ready mix is available in the UK, known as Honegar and Honeygar .. I can buy the vinegar via the UK but would prefer to just be able to add it to the weekly shop ..Thanks in advance

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Hi, can someone tell me if it is cheaper to go to an Optician in the UK or France for new glasses?  My mutuelle gives me very little for glasses so for the sake of argument say it gives me nothing.  I had an eye test just over a year ago so I don't need a full eye test - although if I go in the UK then I'll have one anyway.  

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