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Hi  Has anyone had their eyebrows shaped in Rostrenen? If so could you share details   thanks SM

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Hi Everyone,  I am looking for a hairdresser and makeup artist in the Lorient area that will be able to accommodate hair appointments/up do's  and make up for up to 20 women ( I believe figure would be closer to 10-15). This will be for our wedding on Monday 25th July. If possible I would also need someone to be able to travel to Pont-Scorff to do the hair of the bridal party  ( bride, 2 bridesmaids and 2 mothers of the Bride + Groom). Would also like a make-up artist to do the same? If anyone has any suggestions/idea on the above please that would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance, Roisin  

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After contributing to the recent discussion regarding  the situation in Langonnet, it occurred to me that after the persons trying to access your house had been sprayed with pepper, tasered, then half beaten to death with baseball bats and aerated with  garden forks, albeit  small forks, you might want to think of reviving them; after of course, they had been ho- tied. My friend and I are volunteers with Plouray "Security Civil". In addition I operated for about twenty years in First Response with Staffs Ambulnce Service, I'm also a trained Fire Fighter.  In the UK I ran a small business teaching basic First Aid and Trauma including the use of the Defib, to services such as the  Military, Police, Fire Service and Council outworkers, including members of the public. I understand my qualifications are not valid over here, however, my intention is to  speak Mr Morven and the local Fire representative about running short tauma courses i.e. use of CPR and defib for les Anglais (not forgetting any Jocks) around Langonnet/Plouray and surounding villages. It would be an advantage to provide evidence of local interest by the way of numbers....we'll worry about everything else later, if we get the nod, if it's a no, we'll just do it in secret.....

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if anyone knows of one with a smattering of English, within 30km of Langonnet, please DM me. thanks

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Hi All Could anybody be so kind as to message me details of an english-speaking doctor near Carhaix please?  French isn't good enough yet - but we're working on it!! Many Thanks  

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My husband has to drive two hours a day to a clinic to receive treatment for cancer. We have noticed other patients using a sort of ambulance taxi service. He has a carte vitale. Can he claim/ request this service? Any costs involved? Thanks in anticipation.

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I have now got to the point where bunion surgery is required, has anybody recently had this done and can comment on the procedure.  I live in 56 near Malestroit but have yet to get the referral from my Medicin. Any comments about cost, surgery done as a day  procedure and recovery time would be appreciated.  I understand 70% is paid by CPAM and balance by mutuelle.   Many thanks.

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Hello, I wonder if this treatment is available in Brittany. Can anyone please  let me know if it is and if so where. I had this treatment in England many years ago and was very impressed. I told my dentist last year that one of my top front teeth was sensitive when I drink something hot even though I use Sensidyne toothpaste and also the colour near the gum looked different. She had a look and said there was nothing wrong. The problem has continued and the discolouration is slightly worse. I looked at the back of the tooth today and there is a small dark circle and it is possible decay. 

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Could someone help me to find a dentist in the Carhaix area that speaks some English. The dentist I used has now retired and can't find a dentist that speaks some English..   If you know of someone please mail back best regards  helen

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Hi, for those pensioners visiting Jersey, Boots do a complete eye test ( including retinography ) for ten pounds. I was on a day trip the other week and booked before I went - the service was super! I explained that I lived in France and they said they had quiet a few ex pats coming over because of the waiting time in France to see an ophtalologiste ( what a word to spell!!).

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Oh dear, hubby has broken his plate (dentures, not the result of hurling part of dinner service at wall because of my bad cooking. Although my bad cooking may have been the cause.....). Unfortunately Superglue is not living up to it's name and as a temporary measure is not working. Before I start liquidising every meal or swapping him for two 33 year olds, I told him I'd post the question on here (not sure if he heard, but that's another story.) as to whether anybody knows, as there are conflicting answers on here (you don't say!) whether he has to go to a dentist or can go direct to a technician? There is a dentist in Pleyben, near to where we are in Brasparts 29 and there seem to be several technicians not a million miles away. Any recommendations for a technician in Chateaulin, Chateauneuf, Huelgoat if that is the route to go? Will CV help with cost or is it not a vast amount? Many thanks. x

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 I have many old spectacles that I would like to recycle. Does anyone know of an address or place I could send them to ? 

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Hello, I moving to Mauron in the next couple of months, and I was wondering if there is a doctor in the area that spoke a bit of english and also for my dogs, if there was a vet there, that spoke english too just incase. If you could pm me at awbridgedogs@gmail.com Many thanks Jessica

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Can anyone recommend a mobile hairdresser around guingamp area please?

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Carte Vitale Issues Not sure if this is a local Finistere issue or not but since 1 January four retired Brit expats in our village alone have had their CV go down. We are in contact with the English speaking help line 0811 363645 but it seems like a good idea to ask if others are having difficulties too. Three of our four require costly treatment very soon let alone medicaments so this is worrying. Our local phrmacy has been very helpful giving us our prescriptions without payment until this is sorted but obviously thta cannot continue for ever. Anybody else out there affected. What is the issue? Is the UK government behind this?

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Has anyone any information about how to go this in France?   I want to organise to do this for when I die but can't seem to find anything online. Thanks 

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Hi, has anyone used an online prescription  company for glasses, that you  have found to be good, can you give me the detail if so, thanks if you can.   echogang.

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During discussions in 2013 it was mentioned there is a specialist in Carhaix who will test your hearing and provide an audiogram, does anyone have his name?

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Very keen to be in contact with other English speaking AA members in the Rennes to St Malo area ideally but any in Brittany/Normandy 

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All you girls out there who enjoy massage and facials I have discovered a fantastic place in Tregastel. They do everything nails, hair zapping the works really worth a visit. Called O 2Mondes And they speak English !! PM me for more details.

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