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can i take my french presciption to a pharmacy in the uk,many thanks

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My wife complains when we are on a caravanning holiday that I snore so badly that it keeps people awake in OTHER caravans parked next to us,She made me have an operation where they burned,with a lazer,that dangly bit next to your tonsils and I can tell you it was absolute agony for 2 weeks and didnt make the slightest difference so we are back where we started.She puts those yellow wax things in her ears at night but sometimes they get stuck and she cant get them out and panics so that I cant help her and then says well perhaps they arent in there after al[but they are of course]l.Its a living nightmare--does anyone have a similar problem or can offer any advice.Any more of this and Im going to have to pay a visit to the "Trick Cyclist" Thanks

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has anyone had one at ploermel hospital... can your husband go in to theatre .

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Hi, does anybody know of a running club anywhere near Mohon/Taupont/Ploermel area? I'm new to France, and new to running but am enjoying it. Any suggestions very welcome, thank you.

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Following a link elsewhere on AI for the Daily Telegraph I spotted this advert http://www.william-russell.com/landing/rate-rise/?gcid=C30608x079&keyword=expattelegraph May be of some use to somebody.

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Hi I am looking to join a yoga class have been to a couple but seem to be large classes all the time, not relaxing enough for me, no feed back from teachers or help with tecniques I also loose the translation trying to concentrate on the moves, near dol de bretagne area and around would be good.

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HelloSomeone has asked me to post on here the following:A person (UK resident) wants to holiday in Baud who needs access to kidney dialysis as near as possible to Baud. The person would need it to be 'free' on their E111 card thingy.I imagine the nearest place would be Vannes or Pontivy...but have no idea and am in the Uk myself.Any specific help or contact details would be much appreciated.Thank you.

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Hi I don't know if any one can advise me. In two weeks iam going to be admited to hospital for a major operation and will be off work for some time at least 3 months possibly more. I am not sure if the problem that i am going in for will be covered under the term ALD so not sure what amount of sick pay etc i will be entilted to, have looked at varius goverment sites and can find certain information but not too much detail. As i am the only wage earner i am not sure what i will be entilted too i f anything or where i need to go for advice any help would be appreciated

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Does anyone know of a good physiotherapist in this area, my doctor has prescribed 10 sessions. I could do to get treatment asap. Many thanks.

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We came over here as retired and with our E121's, We have been covered by top up insurance since november 2007. We have now been told that we do not have to have Mutuelle as our E121s cover us for All Medical expense. Can someone please put me straight.

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Does anyone know of a massage therapist who visits in the 56 area to offer treatments

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I have recently been diagnosed with arthritis of the spine and having practised yoga for many years I am unhappy about taking toxic medication if I can possibly help it. I use breath control and meditation to help with managing the pain; I wonder if there is anyone else out there who is in a similar situation and would be interested in getting together to support each other and learn about alternative ways of managing the pain. I live in 56 near Guémené.

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Hello, my daughter is having a lot of problems with her teeth,we have a dentist here but we are not sure he is really doing a good job,has anybody got a recommendation for a dentist who you feel is good and if poss speaks some english... we are coping with the language but as the problems continue i am started to struggle which is really adding to my stress. we are near guingamp but i am happy to travel a bit if necessary. I know that there is a childrens dentist in guingamp and i have her name on it but so far she hasnt made it to the top... many thanks for any help or advice, please email me direct if you have a recomendation

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My good lady fancies changing her hair colour,but apparently the existing colour needs to be 'stripped out'.Can anyone recommend someone within a loud shout of Callac who can do this please.

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Today I have just had the best treatments EVER!!! I had a wonderful home visit from a lovely therapist who has just given me beautiful acrylic nails and a relaxing pedicure. She also cut my husbands toe nails (which were disgusting and I would not go anywhere near poor girl) Thanks Jo will call you in a month for another session really enjoyed it. Please email me if you too want a fantastic relaxing afternoon. Area 22.

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I frecently submitted to CPAM St. Brieuc EHIC, passport, french bank account details and a number of feuilles . I have been told by CPAM in St Brieuc that my claim must be submitted to UK. This is contrary to UK advice and advice and information given locally and via anglo info. Is this a scheme by the French Govt to restrict payment to temporary residents who do not yet quallify for an E121 and a Carte Vitale and French social secureity number and arfe properly covered by European legislation covering rfeciprocal medical arrangements under the EHIC system? Anyone had similar dismissals by a CPAM?

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My wife and I will shortly be using an E121 to obtain our carte vitale. Can an anyone recommend mutuelle cov er for a couple of 60 and 65 , please. Also if anyone has any advice we would be grateful.

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Can anyone tell me where to find more information about the new super hospital that I've heard is being built in central Brittany (a merger of the Pontivy and Loudeac hospitals) in central Brittany? I think it is planned to open at the end of this year?Are there any hospitals in central Brittany, e.g. near Pontivy, that currently perform cardiac surgery? Thanks in advance.

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Hi I live in 22, does anyone know of an acupuncturist within reasonable distance of Rostrenen ? Please pm me if you do. Thanks in advance MS

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Hi. New to France, kids just received letter re. the vaccination although I need to go in tomorrow and get someone to help me decipher part of the letter due to my French! I know it's an individual thing for parents to decide but we've had so much to sort out in the last 3 weeks since we got here. Glad to hear anyone's thoughts on it......

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