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Does any one know what the name is in French or where to buy in Dinan or surrounding areas please?

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Does anyone sell Avon near Carhaix Plouguer, is it possible to get a catalogue delivered. I used to use this product in England many years ago and would quite like to start using it again.

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Does anyone know the web site where I can apply for the French equivalent of the European Health Insurance Card ?

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I have gone out and purchased a motorised tredmill, exercise bike, cross trainer and multi gym. In an attempt to lose weight, however, I know nothing about how much and how often I should be using each of them. My aim is to lose weight, tone up etc...I'm not under any illusions that it will happen over night but dont want to have to wait 6+ months to see any improvements. Can anybody advise me??

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We would like to hear from people who have had an eye test leading to a prescription. We have seen ophthalmic surgeons but the test apart from that for glaucoma seems to be a bit cursory. Thanks for any advice.(We live in Morbihan & would prefer to go to Vannes.)

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Are you or do you know someone who is an English speaking visitor at either l'hopital Chubert, Vannes., Clinque Oceane, Vannes., or Ploermel l'hopital? if so please ask them to contact our local agents Sheila or Colin Ellum at our pm regarding giving help and advice to English speaking cancer patients at these hospitals. We look forward to hearing from interested parties.

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I am looking for an English speaking hairdresser near to Josselin, can anyone help me. Jill

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Hi there, does anyone know if I can find an english speaking gynecologist in Vannes/Lorient. Thanks so much

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My husband is to be 65 in February. We have lived here for over 7 years and currently pay our 8% income (from private pensions - we do not work here) to give us our carte vital and also have hospital top up cover with our bank. We have applied for his state pension from the UK which is being processed. My question is; I know we will be entitled to health cover from the UK in February, for him, wife and two children, but will we get health cover automatically without filling in any paperwork? I guess not (knowing France), but any advice on forms and things to do would be really helpful.

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My wife and I are staying here for a few weeks, being bnoth retired, before we decide to buy a house. WE have therefore not taken advantage of and E 121 although we are entitled, as we may go back to UK or elsewhere. I am aware of the time scales associarted with EHIC but would appreciate information as to how I can get the local CPAM to accept my fuilles etc and pay the money into my french bank account. I have given them all the documentation together with bank details, passport and EHIC photocopies, they seem disinclined to perform. Any ideas? peter

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After returning from a very indulgent holiday I am once again very uncomfortable in my clothes and am considering starting an informal get together help group based on the Slimming world plan, recipe swaps ideas and encouragement.If anyone would be interested please email me it will be at the Rendezvous Callac possibly Tuesday 2 - 3pm

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Happy New Year to all my clients who have kept me busy in 2009 Thank you Michele Wright

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Can anyone advise location of Chiropodist near Plouaret dept22 please ,would prefer if possible who would make house visits

started by: Pam Jones · last update: 1262963715 · posted: 1262963447

Please can anyone recommend a chiropractor in the Pontivy/ Loudeac area, my husband has hurt his back and is in a lot of pain.

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Just getting over swine Flu (H1 N1 Flu) not nice at all, a ruined Christmas but hey we are all ok, my little lad got over it quicker than us, he is 3.5 years old and now back to good health.After this illness we will not be getting vaccinated against it in the future. I believe that the body should adopt it's own way of fighting the virus and not through artificial assistance.The new vaccine I fear is too new and not yet tested long enough, what are the long term side effects? it will be a very long time yet before I decide if at all to have it. I can understand people with serious health problems needing the vaccine, this is the same for seasonal flu which I think is worse than the swine flu virus.It has taken me seven days to recover and I still feel very weak but as for any flu recovery it can take a month or so to get back to normal fitness.So before you have the vaccine against H1 N1 think, do you normally need to take a vaccine against seasonal flu, if not then you don't need it? Many Doctors fear that there could be mutated strains in the future that could be stronger and more deadly due to world populations being over immunized.

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My 87 year old father needs an eye test does anyone know of an English speaking opthalmologist in Brittany. Please email me direct. Many thanks

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i don't know if anyone can help me i have been off work since april with a genetic back and leg problem up to now i have been paid every month from them but noticed last month that i recieved no money i recently had to go to see a doctor at l'assurrance office in carhaix on 3rd december but do not know what i have to do next if anyone can help please get back to me Thankyou jill marsden

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Hi,Does anyone know any English speaking doctors in Rennes? I need a health examination at my employers behest and while my basic French is tolerable I would prefer to discuss medical matters in English.thanks in advance

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Hi, We applied for the Carte Vitale back on 22nd November. The lady at the CPAM office gave the impression all the paperwork and everything was in order and we should get the card soon. However, we still havent received a card. How long does it normally take? At what point would you start chasing? Thanks for your help Natasha

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I am looking for a mobile hairdresser who would cover the Locmine/Plumeliau area. Can anyone recommend one please. Many thanks in advance.

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