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looking for someone help with my "internet addiction". Please no snippy answers about pulling the plug as we also depend on the internet for our business and work and to keep in touch with family members overseas. I used hypnotherapy to stop smoking and think it may help me with this "addiction" as well. Willing to travel but I live in dept 35thanks in advance!Sandy

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I am gatecrashing from another area! How have Jersey people registered for a carte vitale? help required please

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Can anyone recommend an English speaking chiropodist in Area 22 near Rostrennen. My French is ok but probably couldn't extend to medical terms. I have a rather sore toe and need it seeing to quickly. We are currently here on an extended holiday, hoping to become resident in the New Year. Therefore, i'm not in the French system although I do have the relevant travel insurance and European Health Insurance card. In the UK I've had this done by a chiropodist who charged me approx £25 for causing me pain! Is it the same in France? Any advice would be greatly appreciate. Thank you

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Hi everyone. My surgeon has told me that i must excercise my joints by going swimming several times a week. My nearst pool is Carhaix and I shall go there later this week to find out about opening times etc. But in the meantime, can anyone give me information on Aqua-robics or Adults only times (kids make too much noise I'm afraid for me) or any relevant information. I'd be most grateful, many thanks.

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Can anyone help?? I am trying to find an Emergency Dentist in the Rostrenen (22) area?? Thanks - Any help would be much appreciated.

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We have been living in France with our 2 young boys, who both attend french schools, since September 2008. We have received a letter from CPAM stating our e106 will expire on 1st January 2010 and are requesting another. We are unable to obtain another E106 to keep our carte vitale. We are in our late 30's and are in the process of setting up our own business which is not earning any money as yet so paying for private health insurance for the whole family will be impossible. We would be grateful to receive any comments and ideas of what we can do.

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had grippe jabs today with my 3 year old and partner didnt hurt at all felt fine no diffrence at all so dont worry had them in dinan very friendly staff very easy

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is there anyone out there doing mobile hairdressing around the redon area please, or can someone give a recomendation ?

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Hi, have any of you any feedback on this hairdresser and does anyone hve her contact details please?

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Near Mur de Bretagne that offers treatments... ie massage, beauty... that are mobile Thanks in advance

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Last Monday I had a superb Swedish Massage given by a well-qualified Therapist. She also does Reflexology & a number of other treatments. I'd forgotten how restrictive some aspects of wellbeing therapy can be in France. She is not allowed to advertise her treatments in any way - it could result in prosecution. Acupuncture can only be given by a Dr. Even though this lady had a sign on the front door leading to her rooms, stating what she did, she could be prosecuted. Crazy that French-qualified Physiotherapists can take a course in the U.K. - not accepted by the relevant bodies there - & return here to work with no problem. This lady may be setting up near Carhaix next year - I hope so as I'm feeling so muuch better since the treatment.

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hi my husband has been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and although we understand that we must keep his suger level down and we check the labels very carefully for nothing more than 5g per item no-one seems to be able to tell us what the daily amount of suger for a diabetic person is,we understand it is 90g for a normal adult but wondered if there is a target figure foe diabetics

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Hi, Does anyone know of an English speaking doctor in Rostrenen? When I was in hospital recently in St Malo the doctor in Casualty gave me a name of an englisg speaking doctor in Rostrenen who he thought was really good - however, seeing as I had just had a car crash my mind wasnt quite concentrating and I cant remember the name! Dont think you can respond on forum with details so please email me. Many thanks Natasha

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Hi, I have an ongoing back problem - my medecin is happy to give me plenty of ordnances for kine treatments ... I have tried 3 people locally and, although I am not complaining about them, its just that I find the treatment somewhat lacking - a quick rub down and there you go .... I have resigned myself to the fact that I am just going to have to work my way through the Pages Jaunes but thought it worth a shot to see if anyone can recommend a really good kine/physio who takes the time to try and work out what is causing your problem and tries to fix it. Anywhere in the Dol/Combourg/Pontorson triangle (ish). Many thanks Slacko

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We have recently moved to france and was wondering if anybody can recommend a French or English hairdresser around Malestroit, La Gacilly or Redon. Desperate for good cut and highlights. Thankyou

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Can anyone recommend a physiotherapist in area 56 near Gourin or within a reasonable distance? Thanks

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Hi, I am looking for a clairvoyant, faith healer to have a reading. I live between Combourg and Dinan in dept. 35 Thankyou for your interest in advance.

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Just wondered if anyone has ever complained to their hospital before ? if you have could you pm me with your experience please.thanks

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Could someone please tell me how to say that 'in this arm i am not allowed injections and to have blood pressure taken'Thanks very much in advance.

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Can anyone please tell me the legal position in France on a) Suicide and b) Assisted suicide?

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