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Can anyone please tell me the legal position in France on a) Suicide and b) Assisted suicide?

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Hi, My mother is coming to stay with us for approx 6 weeks but after having a replacement hip 3 weeks ago. Does anyone know where I could rent/hire a special chair for her and also a raised toilet seat. I would buy but would prefer to hire. Any help would be appreciated. I live near Ploermel/Josselin. Thanks for any info.

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Hi Ladies I have 2 unopened packets of YMEA Menopause &Silhouette tablets. I read an article once of how South American native women never get menopausal problems because of a certain plant they use and Ymea is based on that plant. Each packets contains 60 tablets. They help support during the menopause and slimming. I bought 3 packets when I was last in UK and unfortunately cannot take them anymore for reasons that I cant really put on a public forum. If I remember correctly, they were over £10 a pkt, possibly £11 or £15. They contain soya isoflavins, Evening Primrose Oil, Calcium, Iodine. Would anyone like to buy them. I cant just throw them away, Brand new unopened packets, sell by date is 10/10. 10 euros would be helpful and I can meet you in Callac/Carhaix or at my house. Email if you need more details.

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Can someone tell me if hearing aids are available on the french national health service as they are in th U.K

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Thank you josy dosy for a wonderful relaxing facial today was well worth it. Anyone interested pm me for more details, definately will go back and have another as well as other things e.g nails, waxing etc.

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I had a very unpleasant hour's session today at a dentist in 29 where I have always had good treatment, fillings and extractions. This followed a few painful nights with a lower double tooth. The dentist gave me 4 jabs of aneasthetic then proceeded to do the usual drilling. It was when she tried to remove 3 nerves that the trouble started. I nearly hit the ceiling. I tried to endure it but it got too much when she was drilling into each nerve. I eventually told her I couldn't bear any more as I was shaking, swetting and wanted to scream as she hit the nerve. But she carried on by holding me down with some force. Several times I tried to push her away. If I could have got up and left I would have, then gone to another practice and asked for the tooth to be extracted. I have never made a fuss before but it was really unbearable. Looking back this evening I wonder if she had any right to treat me like this. I am not a control freak and she obviously had a job to do but surely she should have allowed me to get up and reconsider. I am still shaken by this experience and have to go back next week for the permanent filling. What do others think?

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Anyone recommend one close to Pontivy or Mur de Bretagne Thanks

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just like to praise elaine watkins who is a great find of a hairdresser, she came to me near to loudeac yesterday and did a really good haircut etc. she is based a little way from quintin and covers guingamp, callac , carhaix etc [that end of town ] now would like more clients this way loudeac , plemet , la cheze etc. so i can highly recomend her her tel numbers are 02 96 21 42 59 or 06 04 14 21 35 or email her on elainjwatkins@hotmail.com would like to say that elain is no relation or connection other that that she did my hair, just trying to pass on praise where its due.

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Could anyone recommend a good ladies hairdresser in or around Baud, I desparately need a good cut and colour

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Are there any mobile aromatherapists reiki, head massage, reflexology qualified professionals that can be recommended in or around area 35 combourg.

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Hi Can anyone recommend an English speaking optician near Callac (22) Our French is OKish but not confident enough when it comes to Health questions and answers. Many thanks in advance :)

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I have received my 'bon de commande ' for the flu injection (Grippe A) and my nearest centre is at Combourg. According to Ouest-France the vaccinations centres in Ille-et-Vilaine are open on Wednesday and Saturday only. As I work on both these days, this is a bit of a problem for me. Is this true that vaccinations are only done on Wednesdays and Saturdays? Has anyone been vaccinated on another day?

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Hi all Before seeing my doctor again in about 2 weeks time, is anyone here in France using Victoza aka Liraglutide ? Could I have some feedback please ? By all means via PM, if you prefer. Thanks

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Can anyone recommend a hairdresser in the Josselin area, either at a salon or mobile?Thanks

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Has anyone out there suffered with either chronic fatigue or even been diagnosed with M. E.? I would really liked to hear from anyone who has sought help / advice . Currently going through the usual gp / hospital routes but its slow to get a firm diagnosis with many variations of symptoms. Up until 2 months ago I was leading a normal life - now feel my whole life has been just been turned upside down after the worst 24 hours ever. , I have been in hospital and am taking a large regime of things to counteract symptoms. Even listening to music / tv or being on the pc for long really hurts. I can get out of bed for an hour or 2 but thats it. I have a home help coming next week & everyone is being kind but it does not stop you feeling so low. any ones advice / ideas I would really welcome thanks Nikki

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My wife is a registered (UK) nurse with many years of experience as a district nurse. However language skills are not at present up to nursing work in French hospitals. She was wondering if there was a need for a skilled carer in the 56 area before jumping through all the necessary hoops. Any feedback welcome. Joss 24

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Just want to let you girls know I have just had my legs waxed by a wonderful therapist who does everything from nails to facial zapping, you name she does it. She is English but french registered, I am so happy for after 5 years living in france I have wonderful soft silkly skin and a wonderful brazilian ( you girls know what I mean).So hubby is in for a treat mabe!!!!Please pm me for more details she is in department 22 and she travels BLISS!!!!!

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Our 11 year old need his eyes testing quickly as having problem seeing the board at school, we are situated dept 22 near to Rostrenen .Where is the quickest place to go to? Please pm any details thank you in advance

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Can anyone recommend a good hairdresser in the faouet area (56)

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We hope to move to our house in France for a two to three year stay. As I have to take Warfarin on a daily basis, I need regular blood tests to check my INR readings, can anyone advise whether this is available in France and if so how it is accessed. Many thanks

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