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can any of you ladies out there tell me if you can get medication over the counter in the pharmacy without going to the doctor?

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On Tuesday I saw the headlines in Ouest France that there are 9 clinics being set up in dept.22 for the swine flu vaccinations. I have looked on the web at the paper but can`t find any reference at all to this news.Does anyone know when they are starting to operate.Our doctor says they will be around the end of October. Also has anyone received their prescription for the normal flu jab yet.

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I have been pampered today i have found a wonderful beauty therapist i had a dermabrasion facial and full body massage she is fully qualified and regesterd here, i feel 10 yrs younger she is not far from Ploermel if anyone would like her details please email me as i know you cannot put anything on the forum. Michele

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Does anyone out there know if there is an equivalent of the above in Brittany please? Poppy56

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I have just started with my winter affliction S.A.D. (Seasonal affective disorder) do we have any more victims to share experiences? I have recently ordered a "SAD light which has not yet arrived due to the Postal strike in England .Has anyone got one? and are they of benefit? I would be very interested to hear. Collie

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Emergency Dentist required! Can anyone please suggest the name of a dentist who could see me at short notice for emergency treatment, English speaking would be an advantage - Guemene-Sur-Scorff/Pontivy (56) area. Not registered & being quoted December at present. Please e-mail Janice at neesbro@hotmail.com

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looking for a fairly local registered beauty therapist that would visit my gite business when required by my guests! located on brittany /normandy borders 35, please email me direct

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Hi, has anyone had IVF in 29? I'd like to get more info on the procedure here in 29 please.Anyone with experience of IVF please PM me if you don't mind me asking a few questions (not personal ones).Thanks.

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Do you or anyone you know have the AA group that runs at Paule? Is it a mixed age group and is there also a group for AA's families? private emails would obviously be best Thankyou in advance

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Ladies, if anyone of you have recently (last couple of months) been diagnosed with breast cancer and having your treatment over here can you please pm me.Thanks - completely confidential.

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Can anyone recommend a mobile hairdresser. Dept 22 between (Raduius) Moncontour and St Nicolas du Pelem.

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Does any one know of a good, qualified, reflexologist in area 56, please?

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Hi, can anyone recommend a mobile hairdresser. Department 22. Between Moncontour - St Nicolas du Pelem. Thanks.

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My Daughter is now 18 and has had a card vital with my number on since the age of 16. Should she now have her own number as she now does alittle iterim work during the holidays. how de we go about getting it changed? Also has now moved out from our home to an appartment on her own. She is still covered on our top up mutual but should she now as she is indpendant have her own?? her finances are tight as she is still studying we need to inform of change address etc but don't want to add to her bills or stress in sorting it out!!

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if you choose to see a consultant, lets say gastrologist not via your medecin traitant, will you still be re imbursed

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Mother, over retirement age, diagnosed in UK with cancer, prognosis months. Has started radio-, soon starting chemo-. We live here and she is thinking of moving over nearby to allow mutual visiting easily in the time left, but not sure how to get her in the French s├ęcu system - has anyone experience of this already, please?

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Just a tentative question at the moment, but are their any genuine clairyvoyants in the area of St Nicholas Du Pelem?

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Hi I'm looking for a beginners Pilates class. Does anyone know of one in 22, around the Rostrenen area ? Thanks in advance for any information forthcoming MS

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Is this normal, I gave up smoking on wednesday, down from 20+ per day to less than 3 puffs, (im pretty much going cold turkey) having smoked for 20 years, I am not finding things too bad except for the following.....Every bit of me aches, is this normal? its my legs, arms, shoulders etc. is this nicotine withdrawal or something, if so how long will it last? (i am also very very weak and tired).Thanks for your reponses in advance.

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I need some help in making a decision. Surfing back through AngloINFO discussions on smoking I see that there are smokers asking for help. I was an Allen Carr therapist and enjoyed helping smokers who wanted to quit (around 6000 in 9 years). I would love to get back into it but the problem is I don't know if there are enough smokers here for me to register. I know how successful I can be and I would give a money back guarantee. If you think there are enough smokers or not please get back.Any ideas would be very welcome.ThanksJoe

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