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I need some help in making a decision. Surfing back through AngloINFO discussions on smoking I see that there are smokers asking for help. I was an Allen Carr therapist and enjoyed helping smokers who wanted to quit (around 6000 in 9 years). I would love to get back into it but the problem is I don't know if there are enough smokers here for me to register. I know how successful I can be and I would give a money back guarantee. If you think there are enough smokers or not please get back.Any ideas would be very welcome.ThanksJoe

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My GP told me that if a patient has a problem with heart or brain they are entitled to free transport to hospital. He completed a form for the CPAM which I posted. Does anyone know if I will receive a form to give to the taxi driver or do I pay and send the form to the CPAM.

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I am putting this on for the people who were generally helpful and kind to me last week and also as it may help others. I actually went to the doctors as am no longer in control of these attacks and they leave me quite poorly the following day. The doctor said they were due to stress and anxiety. He precribed me 3 different medications 1 being magnesuim & b6 !!! the others were cardensiel to slow my heart down and bromazepam to take before bed to relax me and help me sleep. I am to take these for 3 months so hopefully they will help me. Still had a bad night last night but did not go into a panic attack just felt not right and quite shaky so maybe tablets were starting to work !!!! Thank you all again for your support and private emails as this is not a nice condition to suffer, it was having a terrible effect on my life.

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Hi Has anyone used there EHIC whilst they have been in France, ( for an operation and hospital stay ) if so did you have to pay.. any information would be good thanks

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My wife and I are moving to France and will have the required E121. She is just overe 60, I am approaching 65. WE are on non serious medication for BP, Cholesterol and Thyroid. Can anyone recommend a Mutuelle that will accept us at our advanced age as I understand some insurance companies and indeed Mutuelles refuse oldies like us. Any ideas of premiums? Peter Grey

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Hi Has anyone had the Hep A vaccin in France, I know this isn't supported by CPAM or refundable, but would like an idea of the cost for having it here?

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My Drs in Vanne have advised that I would benefit from an angioplasty. Please has anyone had one lately who can give me any info? Collie

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A friend of mine is in urgent need of an osteopath. Does anyone know of one in the Mur de Bretagne/Caurel area, please? Email me direct as per AI rules.

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Hi Does anyone have any old diets sheets from slimming world or weight watchers i would like to follow the diets just to loose 1 stone before xmas and yes i do work at 2 a week but i need to eat correctly. thanks

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curious if anyone can tell me which opticien is the best value for my new lunettes...thanks

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My husband is of an age that he can have this for free but the simple case is how do they decide when they make the vaccine which strain of flue they are vaccinating against - I have known people who have had the vaccination and been very unwell and then gone down (as they say) with another version of the flue - your thoughts please. Thank you.

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If i lived in uk i would be at the doctors right now explaining my symptons etc and understanding everything that would be said back to me. I am not fluent in french i can only get by at the moment so have a problem understanding and trying to get across my situation. I can only say these are panic attacks : I start by getting very hot from my neck up, then my heart starts to race which even if i try to stay calm i have no control of. While this is going on i feel quite unwell, i try to take my mind elsewhere to not think about it but its really hard when your heart is doing ten to the dozen and you feel hot,shaky and have clammy hands. I was up again last night for 3 hours trying to calm myself and this was 1 hour after taking a diazapam. I have a blood pressure monitor and use that when i have an attack and my blood pressure rockets with my heart doing about 108 at rest. Does anyone suffer like this that can offer some advise of control etc as it is ruining my life at the mo, i am petrified of not being able to breathe or going into a heart attack. It really is so scary. Thank you for taking time to read this

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Could anyone recommend an English speaking doctor in the Malestroit area please? Please reply by PM as it not permitted to "advertise" a Doctor's details apparently. Thank you for any suggestions Peter

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I wonder if anyone can help...we have a friend who is 64 and retired in the U.K 4 years ago so it's unlikely he'll be entitled to an E106. He does have various health problems which means he is sometimes admitted to hospital...he has no health cover and it's proving very expensive for him. His sister lives in Scotland and she is trying to organise things for him "long distance". Can anyone suggest a Private Health insurance company who may be able to help, I have suggested to his sister that she phone his bank for advise but it would be nice if I could give her more companies to try. He is 65 next June and will then be entitled to his E121. Please e-mail me direct if you have any helpful suggestions. Many thanks

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I would be interested to hear if any one has had successful treatment or surgery for knee problems. I have a 'Meniscal tear' which will require physio and may require keyhole surgery. Had never heard of it before, but apparently it's common and very painful.

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Does anyone know whether surgeries here do anti-flu jabs in the same sort of way as in the UK?

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a good friend of mine who doesnt have internet access and doesnt speak french really needs counselling can anyone recommend anyone or is there a retired counsellor out there who could just help out, please email replies only as this is not a topic for open discussion, just a plea for help

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Hello, Does anybody know of a mobile hairdresser in the Josselin area (56)?

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Hi folks, I have complimentaire sante insurance and under that I get a good forfait of approx €300 for glasses per annum. I havent used it in the last 2 years but I do need some new glasses so thought I would give it a go. I went along to a local opticien who my insurance company recommended - however he said that normally you go to an optical doctor first normally. So, what do you normally do to get a good eye test and new glasses here? Whats "the norm" Thanks Slacko

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Or Josselin area? 56/22 border I am looking for somewhere for a 40 something who wants good gym equipment; running machines etc. Thanks all

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