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Anyone know of a reflexologist near Ploermel, pontivy got a few women's problems. Please email me!!!!!!!!!! Thank you

started by: sparkyjo-393076 · last update: 1252871511 · posted: 1252867651

hi, a friend living near Miniac Morvan/Tresse area is looking for an English speaking doctor. Can anyone help please? please contact me direct

started by: whiskers-411830 · last update: 1252689070 · posted: 1252520322

I have just been shocked by the Orthopaedic Surgeon at Vannes who informs me I need a quadruple Laminectomy on the Vertebrae of my lower back. I was expecting 1 for sure but not 4 Has anyone had a Laminectomy and how did you fair, was the operation a success and how long did you need to recover full movement and strength. I am 64 and don't want to spend the rest of my life a semi invalid as I am now. To comply with French law please do NOT post the name of any medical person.

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Hi I wonder if anyone can recommend an English speaking Dentist in Dept 22 around the Broones area. In bad pain ! Thanks in advance

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Wonder if anyone can help me, I have just got my siret number and now able to trade as soin de beaute lauto-entrepreneur, I have got just about everything but I am in need of a wax heater. If anyone has one please email me I live in department 22 between guingamp and callac and I can come and pick it up if needed. Cheers JO.

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Can anyone please point me in the right direction. I know there is a list of illness in the top 30 (or whatever amount it is) but i cant find it online anywhere.

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I have just returned from an aborted appointment with a hairdresser who insisted that her big dog be present in the room when she was cutting my hair, knowing that I had come straight from her local vet with my small dog who couldn't be left in the car and would not accommodate us by removing the dog to another room ! At the time of making the appointment she gave me directions from the vet so she knew there would be a dog with me ..... but said that I should have let her know before hand so that she could make arrangements !!!! A bit duff !!!! So I have come home with my long locks intact and looked at the Search engine on Anglo Info for previous recommendations and have just spoken to Karen as she is so highly recommended. I live a little out of her area .. near Mur de Bretagne, so if there is anyone around these parts who wants to have their hair cut, restyled or coloured etc. in the next few weeks, just give Karen a call. It will help her and us !!! 02 56 33 50 11 or mail on karen.adcock@hotmail.co.uk I'm really flexible about time and dates so can fit in with anyone who would like her services. However, she has said she will come just the same. Bless her !!

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Hi, can anybody recommend an English mobile hairdresser who can visit Pontivy? If you are that person, could you email me please? Many thanks to all

started by: nag champa-403771 · last update: 1251846601 · posted: 1251809043

Just had Karen over to cut my sons hair for rentrée....she fitted us in at the last minute, turned up bang on time and gave my son the 'oasis' haircut he wanted. And this cost less than going to the salon in town where they scalp him no matter what haircut you request. I wouldn't use anyone else now and am so happy I found her! If you are in need of a haircut her contact details are: Klassic Kuts by Karen Tel: 02 56 33 50 11 / 06 35 95 05 37 She covers up to 50km from le Faouet and is fully registered to work in france (and no im not a relative, just a very happy customer!)

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Roz posting on hubbies log in It looks like like I need Hysterectomy, I have a appointment soon, I would like to hear from anyone who has recently gone through this.

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Please could anyone email me the address and phone number of a chiropractor/osteopath near to Pontivy/Loudeac, i know you can't post names on the forum, so if you can help please email. Thanks.

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Hi Everyone, As usual .. I would be most grateful to those who reply .. for I would love to know the French equivalent of what we called in the UK "frozen shoulder" .. something I wouldn't wish on anyone. Having suffered the pain for a whole year now .. I think it is time that I did something more positive about it. Knowing it's fcorrect French name so that I could discuss it with the doctor would be very sensible! My thanks therefore.

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Broken my glasses - Require eye test and new glasses. Could anyone recommend a optician close to Guingamp who is not going to charge the earth. (Will be purchacing two pair) Cheers - Kevin.

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After being bitten by mozzies and cut to bits trying to sort out the garden my bottle of TCP is getting low, is there something similar that I can buy in Brittany also the Germoline is getting a bit low too!! Any advice gratefully recieved before I buy up most of the Pharmacy in my attempt to get something that works as well.

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My husband has just turned 65 and has a new cart vitale with his photo on it. He has a different number now but I have not been invited to change my old style card yet, it seems in the information on the back of the form that his card can be used by me as well. Is this the case or will I get a new card in time.

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just to let everyone know i had a good fitness work out at the salle in lignol today wens 10.00 start to 11.30 all ages turn up qualified instructor good all round fun session and tell u we sweat a lot . come down if u want to try it .

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Where are you all going to get your hair cuts? I am stuck.

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HiHas anybody had teeth out in a clinic here before? If so, could you pm me and tell me what price you paid.I got a bill today for a procedure I had carried out in June (had to be done in a clinique as i'm a very nervous patient).I was in the clinique for 4 hours, had 2 teeth removed but paid for all my own medication, paid for the consultation and xray upfront etc and didn't need to go back for any check ups.Just curious as the bill seems rather high.TIAAnnabell

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Hi all, Can anyone recommend an english speaking dentist in either Guingamp or Carhaix? If so then please send me a private email as you can't post the information directly on this site.Thanks, Dawn

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Hi , we are registered here with a local doctor but would like to change to another in a different practice. Can anyone tell me the exact procedure for doing this please

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