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Hi everyone. Am looking for an English speaking dentist in the Carhaix/Callac area. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

started by: thoma-413534 · last update: 1251191947 · posted: 1251109953

Could anyone recommend a hairdresser that would be able to come around the Broons area please?

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Hi Because of a ruptured sewage pipe, bathing and fishing have been banned for the time being from beaches at Concarneau. The sea water is undergoing testing at the moment, the results of which will be known later in the week.

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Anyone out there doing beauty treatments that travels to do these in your own home in dept. 29?

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Any other members have Oticon Spirit 3 hearing aids?I am at present on my third and am having consistent problems with it. I keep getting a "Static" crackling.Tried all the usual methods as shown in the brochure with no success. Have tried e-mailing the Oticon sites,one is given by NHS.UK and even tried the supplier in Sweden,after 4 weeks of trying ,no response from anyone. Anyone suggest a better make or any remedy for the problem? Regards.

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Help we are being bitten by some sort of insect it is not mosquitoes or fleas They seem to bite around the pant line area i do use jungle formula spray but this is not helping anybody else suffering we are in the 56 area near Malestroit

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I have just recieved a letter in the post which i am assuming says that i have been turned down for the 100% exoneration for long term illness as i have a thyroid problem which after an op i will have to have tablets for the rest of my life.Is this normal to be turned down? it says the motif is-conditions reglementaires d'attribution non remplies.I already have 100% for cancer related meds.Its says i have 2 months to appeal - but what am i suppose to say in the appeal? i dont understand why this has happend.Does anyone know where i can see a list of the 20 or so illnesses that it covers.many thanks

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I have been told on two occasions that an E111 european card is not needed to travel to the UK. If I was to incurr any medical charges in the UK, then I would have it refunded on the Carte Vital when returning to France!! Anyone know if this is right??

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Hi can anyone email with the details of an English speaking grief counsellor near Josselin 56. Remember to email me direct and not answer this with details of names as it is illegal to do so.

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For a variety of reasons, I'm looking for an english speaking mobile hairdresser (nothing too sophisticated required!) who could come to the Chateaulin area to sort out our hair - 4 children and myself please, before school starts again. The mobile hairdressers I've contacted so far are too far away - is there anyone out there who feels capable of doing this? Please contact via our personal e-mail. Thanks.

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I need physiotherapy for a bad back. I have tried two physios nearby. Neither did an initial assessment.  The norm seems to be to apply heat for 15 minutes and then general massage regardless of needs. I need much more than that. Should I go to an oesteopath? I don't like 'bone-crunchers' though! Help please! 

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Hi, Does anyone know of a pharmacy open in the Dinan area on a Sunday.

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Hi, I am booked to have some corrective plastic surgery soon at the CMU clinic in Brest (Cavale Blanche)Anyone had any experiences of similar good or bad??? be interested in talking to you....

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I have recently been looking for reasonably priced specs with frames, I have an 'out of the box' prescription so find my particular varifocal lenses expensive. I discovered a website and telephoned them, they were able to sort out my prescription, although out of their normal 'on-line' range; Normally my specs would cost in the region of 600-700 euros, frames, lenses etc. I paid about a third of the price, they took just a week to get them to me! If anyone would like details of the website please email me directly. Oh it's good to be able to see clearly again!!!!!!!!

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Can anyone recommend a good english speaking dentist in rostrenen, gourin anywhere in area 56.

started by: eggcup-398002 · last update: 1250102594 · posted: 1250102138

Please does any one know of an English speaking Dentist Josselin/ Ploermel Area. Please mail me direct if you can help. Thank you.

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hellofor all other heart patients out there becarefuli have just spent nearly 7 weeks in hospital due to a local dentist who refused to give me antibiotic cover for treatment he gave meeven though i asked for it(it is still up to the dentist in france to give you cover), my GP was awayi had a bacteria which came from his treatment say the hospital at Vannesit has left me with a damaged back & a hemoraged left eyeapparently it is very difficult to sue a dentistt here, but i am furious, whats more he could do the same to someone else, who may not be so lucky...the hospital has now given me an ordance for a life time supply of antibiotic should i need it

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Hi, does anyone know of a dentist that ISN'T on holiday between Josselin, Rohan or Pontivy areas please.

started by: Rimeraldo · last update: 1249396555 · posted: 1249394773

I am looking for a good eye doctor in the -56,29,22 area. If anyone can recommend one, please reply by private e-mail.

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Could anyone recommend a qualified masseur (back and neck) in or around Josselin or Pleurmel. Many thanks.

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