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I take Glucasamine Sulphate 1500 mg daily, but recently the knuckles on my hands are really swollen. Oringally thought too much gardening and manual labour and sometimes the pain is quite severe. Any idea to relieve swelling and pain please. Is this arthritis?

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Can anyone recommend ( by private e-mail) a good eye doctor able to give an accurate prescription . I have spent a fortune trying to get the same quality results as would be provided by a UK optician . I'm in 56 but 22, 29, close by Thanks

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My wife has a back problem & we need a recommended osteopath .The guy in Callac is booked until the next millennium,& we don't know any others.If you can help please contact me (regard the rules on advertising) A.S.A.P. we are desperate - & willing to travel.

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I live in France and spend a third of my time working in the UK. Next week I will be working in a office in the UK where 3 people out of 50 have confirmed cases of swine flu. I have been looking on NHS Direct and the equilavent French websites about some advice but can't find anything giving advice about this situation, after working their a couple of days I will be returning to France. It is very easy to say I am not going, but it is a job and how I make my living. Anyone else in the same situation?

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Good morning all.... Are there any members out there who can recommend an English speaking dentist near Guemene sur scorff/Pontivy area. A phone number and address would be useful if possible. To comply with regulations would you email me privatly please...and thanks very much in advance to everyone who may take thae trouble to help out. Regards Luvaduck

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Hi, I'm looking for a therapist/hypnotherapist who can help me with a few problems (eating disorders/emotional issues etc), ideally not too far from the Quimper (29) area please.Also looking for acupuncture/reflexology to help with a few physical issues.All contact through email please.Thanks <!-- Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 6.0; SLCC1; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; .NET CLR 3.0.04506)-->  

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Does anyone know of a really good dentist in Brittany, plus a good dental hygenist. Prepared to travel - at the moment I go to the UK but would be good to find somewhere this side of the channel. Heard lots of horror stories..............

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does anyone know where i can buy high strength tooth whitening kits to use at home. either in strore or on line.jlw

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i realise its been asked many times. but my poor husband is in pain and needs a dentist asap. we are in plessala 22. english speaking would be great. he is also a very nervious patient. hope someone can help.jlw

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can anyone reccomend an speaking dentist in our area.jlw

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For some Hay Fever sufferers the last few weeks have been somewhat unpleasant. Does anyone know of a Doctor who will prescribe a Kenalog injection - I know its a steroid but it seems to be the only thing that works for me! Carhaix, La Fouet area preferred but will travel!

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Is anyone aware whether laser treatment for hair removal is available here.It is readily available in England and is far quicker than Electrolysis. I live in Pontivy.Thanks

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Hi, does anyone know of an acupuncture  person in or around Loudeac-Pontivy, or not too far within the 22 area. Have you tried them!. Wanted to start a course in the uk, but it needs 3 months, and I would prefer to be in Brittany for the summer, so if you know of one, thanks in advance. Divaling

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