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Trying to get a CV for my wife. Currently filling in a Cerfa 12504*04. Have completed everything apart from pages 7 & 8 which asks you to choose a 'l'organisme complementaire' from the cmu.fr site. Finding this impossible, as there is no list and keeps telling me to enlarge my search! Am I missing something or is it an easy choice to make?

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Can anyone recommend a good hairdresser in or near Malestroit please? I need someone who can do a short cut well and also a decent permanent colour. Have tried some with mixed results!

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Dear all Some of you may already have this but here goes  Tel number for CPAM English speaking  0811 36 36 46 They were really helpful   V X

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We have done two of these tests before, in 2011 and 2013. But this year we have received a letter and it looks very different to what we had to do before. Can anyone advise what we have to do? Where and how do we get the 'kit', what do we do with it and where are we supposed to send it? I'm looking at the letter but haven't a clue where to start.

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Relocating to Lannilis (29870) and looking for any recommendations for dentists and GPs, please. 

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Hi,  Has anyone come across a hair product that strips out old colour that i can buy over the counter?  

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I don't know if I should see another dentist for a second opinion.  Some time ago a crown came loose (had a knock which loosened it)   Dentist fixed it and over the months has done so several times.   In August, he said the crown was broken and he didn't know if he could fix it.   He x rayed and said i had to wait three months to compare x rays and then see what to do.   He did say, in the worse case, if the crown couldn't be put back properly, I might need a bridge.   I have been back about 4 times in that time, to have the too fixed again - (temporarily) and each time it's loose in a day or so.  I have to be very careful with it.  He has warned me each time that I might need a bridge.   I had the idea that it wasn't just a possibility, he was just preparing me for what he was going to say.   I have just gone back for the appointment, but he didn't x ray, and had seemed to have forgotten what he had said about checking it again in three months.    He immediately printed me a devis for the bridge he says I will need.   He says the support for my crown is broken so it will never work.   I have to see insurance to see what I can claim back.   The trouble is,  I have now started thinking, 'hey, he didn't x ray,' which was the point of waiting three months before making this decision.   I have suspected it was his ultimate diagnosis.    I have never had reason to doubt him and he has been a good dentist but now I'm thinking it's such a drastic step to take without even considering, or talking about other options.   Should I go for a second opinion somewhere else, and if so, what do i say to them.?   I am inclined to be honest, and say I have a problem with a crown, and though I have had one dentist tell me something, I want to know what this one thinks.   Of course, I won't give the dentists name. Are these things fixed prices, and is it worth going somewhere else to check?

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I stopped my Auto Entrepreneur activity fifteen months ago and have been trying ever since to get a new Carte Vitale provider. When I started my AE activity my Carte Vitale was issued by RAM and I was told that if stopped my AE I would revert back to CPAM. I was registered on AE as 'professionelle liberale' (apologies if I have the spelling wrong)Now after months of applying to CPAM (they lost two dossiers !!!!) they tell me that the rules have changed and it is now the responsibility of CIPAV to provide my Carte Vitale. CIPAV (who still haven't sorted out the administrative mess from my original AE registration in 2009) say they do NOT provide Carte Vitale and I must apply to RSI.I have also been told that nothing can be done until CIPAV sort out their mess, meanwhile I have not had a Carte Vitale for four months and pray every day that I don't become ill !!!!Has anyone recent experiences of stopping Auto Entrepreneur and switching Carte Vitale providers. Is it RSI, is it URSAAF, is it CIPAV !! I am retired and have an S1.Any advice on anything to do with this subject would be welcome

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Have finished a contract with mutuelle included and am now looking for a reasonable one with just the basic cover.  Any suggestions gratefully received. 

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I would like to try and whiten my teeth and wondered what advice anyone could give me, ie avoiding damage to enamel, what type of product works best etc.

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this is a question for men have anyone of u used the  kit de depistage  looking for advice how to use it thanks

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Since reaching pension age i come under the S1 system.CPAM provided me with the normal paper attestation.When i tried to use my carte vitale was told it was no longer active.Is this normal and do i have to apply for another card.In anticipation Bill Bailey.

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Are there any ladies in and around Guhenno that would be interested in walking locally , now and then,  to improve fitness and hopefully loose a little weight!!  Please email me if you are interested?  

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Afternoon everyone, I am working in France doing basic home help and care work.  I was thinking it would be a good idea for those of us out there doing this work to create a directory of English speaking carers.  I have had calls for work when I already have clients and it would have been useful to direct people onto a directory.  It would then be easier to find local carers aswell as giving us contact with each other for swapping information and supporting each other. If I get enough people interested I could make up a website....... look forward to hearing from you.....

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Does anyone know of a good mobile hairdresser, doesn't have to be English.   I cannot get out to go to my favourite hairdresser, as my husband works full time, so need a mobile hairdresser as soon as possible.  I am in Laniscat (dept 22), which is not far from Gouarec.   Many thanks

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I have an ordonnance from my Medecin traitant  for cardiograph. I visited the Cardiologist at the bottom of the rue Nationale in Pontivy yesterday.  I have found that if you go in person , you normally get a reasonably quick rendezvous. However , not in this case ......................................Mai 22nd 2016 ! Does anyone know if I am tied to that cardiologist , or can I go elswhere ? If necessary to a neighbouring Dept . All comments appreciated .

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I wonder if anyone has frst hand experience of this disease?  How long does it take to recover, what are the worst effects?  Please email me.  i need to know what i am fighting and what to expect.

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Does anyone know how ask for 'a trim' and to say 'thin it out please', at the hairdressers? 

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Can someone recommend a mobile beautician please, I live in Plessala, 22. Thanks.

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Does anyone know if knee replcements are carried out at the Pontivy (56) Hopital or Polyclinique please? Many thanks. 

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