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Hi..  would like to find a mobile hairdresser in the Callac area please but not a Karen! - Not because i don't like them but one Karen is too full and the other does n't do Callac anymorel.. Has anyone any suggestions please.

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Hi everyone, I'm back to you after looking for a councellor (thank you for your answers, we tried it but it wasn't the right answer!), we are now looking for a proper licenced psychiatrist that can diagnose and prescribe medecine. Of course, English speaking! We are living near Gourin, so around would be nice (more than 45mn is going to be a drag). I went to the doctor today and she will invastigate for us, but maybe you guys know of someone? If so please send us a mail as apparently you are not allowed to discuss health practicians on forum :-) thanks in advance!

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Hi, I have had an S1 for over 2 years now, and have been lucky enough to keep out of hospitals and doctor surgeries for most of my life , but with advancing age now worry about the costs of hospitalisation etc should anything happen.. Any reccommendations on a basic mutuel top-up to cover hospital costs? Thanks in advance for any replies 

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Has anyone had experience of the Kine DAUBARD CHAUVIN in Bubry?  I need to organise some sessions particularly for back/neck/hip problems.  Don't need anyone to be particularly gentle!  In accordance with AI rules please email me privately if you can recommend this Kine. Many thanks

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I am currently thinking of ceasing to trade as an auto entrepreneur. I think that I read somewhere that if I do my health cover will continue for one year. Does anyone know whether this is correct please? If it doesn't my husband reaches 65 in February so I know I will be entitled to cover under him then but as he is currently my conjoint, although with his own carte vital, will we end up having to re apply for carte vitals if I cancel my status as an auto entrepreneur now. Just concerned that we may both end up with no cover for some timr and our medication needs are high.

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hi dose anyone know of a help group for a persion fithing adiction on alchol and smokeing told by doctor must stop or could loose my leg after han orp am lonely deperest sucidal nerest rdv with hospital is 23 dec any advice helpful thanks in advance

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I have been reading posts on this topic with interest as we are moving to France early next year and have just found out that the old system of extended UK health cover no longer exists (annoyingly wrongly informed by estate agents but our fault for not double checking) Now we are exploring our options - at 60 (me) and (53) wife we face a few years before any uk pension benefits. Initial quotes at around E600 a month seem horrific and I wondered if anyone has any advice or opinions. I currently enjoy free prescriptions as diabetic and my wife has HRT tablets so niether of us can avoid doctors or tablets when we move Any help gratefully rec'd. A&K

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We have a carte vitale.  So far we have paid the Doctor, Laboratory for Blood Tests and Hospital visits by cash, French debit card or cheque from our French Bank Account.  Just wondered though if anyone knows if you can pay with an English Bank credit or debit card from an account in England?  I gave them our French Bank Account details when we registered with CPAM for any refunds.  We use our Nationwide Credit card quite a lot here for shopping.  Thanks in anticipation.

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Hello,   I have had a bit of a calamity does anyone know where I can go to get my plate fixed in Pontivy or surrounding area.  Please Help.  Thank you.

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Hi has anyone have details of a qualified chiropodist in the Bourbriac/Rostrenon area?

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Hello,I am moving to Pontriex 22260 , is there anyone who could recomened a doctor who speaks a little english ,some where near by, thanks.

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Filled in all the forms, received a tempory number, which is about to expire after 4 months. Any one know how long before the CV card actualy comes?

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hi all has anyone left brittany to return to the uk.and   had their french pension switched to the uk,or does it end,not a big pension ,only based on 6 years working in brittany before illness ocurred,62 year old be curious to hear from anyone with information on this.best regards tom  

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Anyone ever had a call from CAPM asking you if you had received the annual flu jab form? Very nice lady called thismorning who asked me if I had the jab done, or had I received the form to get the vaccin, I told her yes and the date the toubib and I had agreed on  it being done. Pretty good service I think, or is France expecting a large dose of the flu this season?

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I know this topic is often covered but not in the past few months.  Has anyone recently shopped around for a good mutuelle.  I am looking at the middle formula.  I have so far looked at Credit Agricole, Groupama and Pays de Vilaine.  Credit Agricole have come out the most expenisve, Groupama second and lastly Pays de Vilaine.  I know it depends on age etc.  We are not pensioners but 2 adults (50 plus) with 2 teenagers. Would just like to hear who you recommend so I can make some more calls. Thanks

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Thank you.

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If I say to my dentist (yes! we found the lovely lady dentist in Pleyben, thank you, to be very helpful and mended my O.H.'s dentures, no problem!) that It was suggested in England that I needed a gold crown (Il a ete suggere en Angleterre que je devais une couronne d'or?) would she understand what I meant or would she be more likely to curtsey and call me Ma'am?

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looking fo beauty tech who does threading in central brittanny

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We are looking at taking out a hospital only mutual - can anyone tell me if there is a link that explains percentages?  I understand that if you pay a policy with 300% you get more money back than 100% and that tariffs will vary, but don't know how to get any idea of what sort of monies are involved.  Why is it so complicated, if they based it on 100% meaning 100% it would make sense to me, or am I just being thick!

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I'm a bit confused about paying for Health things here.  My husband has just spent a night in intensive care, followed by a day in Surveillance Continue.  We have a combined carte vitale.  He is 66 and I am 61.  They swiped our carte vitale and took our details.  Will they send us a bill by post now?  Our care is ongoing - we have two more appointments at the Hospital over the next two weeks.  We don't have a mutuelle and we told them that. Also, I get the impression I'm not paying the full amount when I give a prescription to the chemist?  Any simple explanations about how you pay for things here would be very gratefully received.  When CPAM send their list of payments and deductions, I find that very confusing also.  We are expecting some huge bills for the Hospital.  When we registered at CPAM we gave them our French Bank Account details (RIB).  We are completely in the French system and live here permanently.  Thanks in anticipation!

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