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Any recommendations please for a really good dentist (preferably one that understands TMJ) in the Carhaix area but willing to travel. Please email direct as I know they cannot be listed on AIThanks in advance

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I am aware that 100% of medical interventions are reimbursed except stays in hospital. What do other Cat 2 disabled expats do to cover this in the event of hospitalisation, which is a high probability in my case.  Is it best to get a mutuelle that covers for just this.  Or am I reading it wrong and CPAM covers 80% of the €18 a day charge anyway.? Little confused so would appreciate some guidance from those in the know.  Thank you.

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Hi all, we are looking for a therapist/EMDR practioner that speaks English here in Central Brittany (we live near Gourin) to help with Asperger/anxiety Does anyone know of any?

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Please can anyone tell me what a hearing specialist is called in France. I have been told I have to see one before I go to a a audition  mutualiste for hearing aids. Thanks

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I am down for Cataract Surgery at Noyal Pontivy on 26 December.   Prior to that I have to go to the hospital 4 times for various tests etc.  Unable to get transport and the taxi fare one way is 7 5 Euro one way and if the taxi waits for one - there will be waiting charges etc.  I have approached my doctor requesting transport on a green form but Cideral turned it down.   Second problem - will be requiring the second eye to be sorted etc and again will be hit with the same problem.  Question - How soon after the first eye has been sorted will the second one be done.    Thank you

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Hi Ladies,I have a friend living in France & she is due to have her contraception injection very soon.  Not to be confused with the implant. Can anyone offer any advice as to IF this is offered in France & if so any contact details.Thank you all

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Does anyone have a contact for and English speaking dentist near Josselin as I require a dentist urgently. Thank you

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Hi everyone Just arrived in Rennes and we are looking for good orthodontist for kids. Can someone recommend theirs? Preferably in rennes but willing to travel out for a good ref. Thank you 

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Can anyone please recommend a good  Osteopath in Area 22.Thanking you in advance for your replies.

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Hi everyoneI am looking for an ophthalmologist for eye test for the family.  We have been going to the Poly clinique in Pontivy for the last few years, but apart from the fact they have  a huge waiting time, the Dr made my son cry last time!  I am in Ploerdut 56 , but dont mind travelling anywhere a couple of hours even, so if anyone has any  recommendations? Thanks in advanceCaroline

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Hi there everyoneI have been trying to call the  Iris Centre de Vision in Dinard,  the number comes up  'numero non atribué'  Does anyone know if they are still there? or if there is a new numberThanks in advanceCaroline

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My wife has to go to (a private) hospital for a minor operation in a week of so and had an appointment to see the anaesthesiologist for a consultation last week and paid a fee of 46€, CPAM have refunded 16.10€ and our insurance 6.90€ (50%)A couple of days before I had to see a rheumatologist, again the fee was 46€ but this time CPAM refunded 32.20€ and our insurance 13.80€ (100%). I have a 'long term illness' certificate for something completely unconnected with the need to see a rheumatologist.Anyone any idea of why the difference?

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Depending on which youtake Davis double speak, this is either a Tory con or it proves hedoes not understand what an EHIC card provides. I just watched theBBC news and do not know why they bother running a news service justreporting what a spokesman says simply using the quote and notlooking at what really happens.Quote from Davis"That is good newsfor example, for British pensioners in the EU: it means that theywill continue to have their health care arrangements protected bothwhere they live and – when they travel to another Member State –to be able to use an EHIC card." Under the EHIC scheme, British tourists andresidents in the EU are able to access free healthcare, as are EUcitizens visiting the UK. However, it is as yet unclear whether theagreement will extend to UK citizens visiting the EU rather thanbeing resident in it. The EHIC does notprovide the same cover as the S1, reciprical agreement has not beenreached yet on the S1 coverTo get a EHIC card fromthe UK you have to be resident in the UK or registered which the DHSSas resident in another EU state and have obtained medical care, paidfor by the UK, under the S1 scheme.There is no direct linkbetween the EHIC card and the S1So unless the idiots inthe UK agree that pensioners still get medical cover from the UK viathe S1 they will not be entitled to an EHIC card. They will not beresident in the UK so will have to apply to the country they areresident in.Quote from NHS"If you live in EuropeIf you live in another EEA country or Switzerland,you will be entitled to a UK-issued EHIC if one of the followingapplies to you: you receive a UK State Pension or exportable UK benefit and have a UK-issued S1 form (certificate of entitlement) registered in your country of residence you are a worker posted to work in another EEA country or Switzerland by your UK employer, or a frontier worker living in the EEA and working in the UK you are a family member of a posted worker or of someone working in the UK and you are not covered in your own right by the EEA country you reside in you are a student going to another EEA country or Switzerland to study If you are not eligible for a UK-issued EHIC, youshould see if you are eligible for an EHIC in the country you arecurrently living in. "Moving abroadUK Pensioners"If you are living in an EEA country orSwitzerland and you receive an exportable UK pension,contribution-based Employment Support Allowance or another exportablebenefit, you may be entitled to state healthcare paid for by the UK.You will need to apply for a certificate of entitlement known as anS1 form.However, if, in addition to your UK pension, youalso receive a pension from the country in which you now live, thatcountry will be responsible for your healthcare and an S1 will not beapplicable. If you receive your UK pension as well as a pension froman EU member state, but are now living in a different EU state, thecountry to which you paid contributions toward your pension for thelongest period becomes responsible for your healthcare. .Once issued, register the S1 form with therelevant authority in your country of residence. Often you need to dothis before you can register for healthcare or obtain a medical card.Once you have registered your S1 in the countryyou are moving to, you will be entitled to apply for and use aUK-issued EHIC to access state-funded necessary medical treatmentwhen you visit other EEA countries."

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Looking for a hairdressers in the Scaër or surrounding area that speaks a little English. Please can any one recommend?

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I'm looking personal recommendations for a good MEDICAL (ie it's NOT for a pregnancy) gynecologist in dept 56, either around Pontivy or Vannes.  Doesn't have to speak english.  My last one retired and I really don't like the other one in the practice, so I'm looking for a recommendation please.Please email me directly if you can help.Thanks.

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I hope someone can advise.  I have trodden on a rusty nail it penetrated my shoe and has pierced my foot.  I have washed the wound and swabbed with Alcohol. It is throbbing at the Moment. Do I need a Tetanus Shot and if so is there a Emergency Hospital Service in Pontivy.  Really appreciate your advice...best to be sure.

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Hi,I've been with the same surgery for 10 years but recent changes have left me dissatisfied. Can anyone recommend a good doctor within 10-20k of Josselin. It is not necessary that they speak English.

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After 3 emails back and forth as to why they stopped 9 euros from a doctor visit and nothing else done, they still can't give us an answer, any ideas?

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Hello, Would anyone have the telephone number for Karen's Cuts, the mobile hairdresser in Saint Vran please? 

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