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Can I throw a medical question out there for those with arthritic knees who don't mind answering. It can be a simple yes or no answer, no medical details are needed.When they are bad, have you ever had a funny kind of pinging/snapping/flicking sensation inside rather than just constant pain? It's like someone draws back a big elastic band and lets it go inside just for a split second then it's ok again? It only happens under stress, eg walking.The dr told me it was arthritis, but it doesn't sound like it to me, compared to those I know with it, but I've not really spoken to enough people with it to be sure, however I thought arthritis hurt all the time during bad stints. For me it's only ever bad when I do a lot of cleaning, stairs, fast walking etc. The temperature and humidity doesn't seem to make any difference to me which I thought was typical arthritic conditions.I'm going back today and wanted to follow up on it and it would be nice to have some information to go with if she was wrong.Thank you.

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Please can anyone tell me if they see an Endocrinologist for thyroid problems and if so their experiences. Does the Doctor speak English, is he/she helpful and understanding and where they are located. Please PM me, in total confidence of course. Thank you.

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My wife had eye test last week at visionexpress maidstone. They said she has start of small cataract and would be best to catch it early. Hence my research for opthomologist in central brittany. How do i find one please?thx

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Before I order off the internet, does anyone know where Diatomaceous Earth (food quality) can be purchased in the Pontivy or Lorient area?  Many thanks.  

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Our daughter seems to have vanished from our Ameli.fr account recently. She turned 18 last October, but I never noticed it until last month that she wasn't on the a/c, but thats not to say it didn't happen before as I dont log in very often.What do we have to do, does she need to set up her own account and if so, how do we do that? She is a full-time student still if that makes any difference.We're in Cotes d'armor and she does have her own social security no.Thank you.

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Hi - I'm looking for a recommendation for a gynaecologist, preferably female and preferably in the Cotes D'Armor region or close.  Please pm me if you have experience of a gynaecologist you can recommend.Many Thanks

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Hi - Just wondered if anyone on this site has had spinal fusion surgery in France.  I am due to have 3 or 4 vertebrae fused in my lower back and thought perhaps there may be someone who could enlighten me as to what to expect as regards hospital stay, after care etc .Many Thanks

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I have a friend who lives in Glenac and he needs to see a dentist.  Can anyone recommend one in Redon.  If they speak english, that's a bonus otherwise I will translate for him.Thanks

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Hi,I was wondering if anyone can recommend a GP in the area of Quimper, Douarnanez or Plomodiern who has some English?Many thanks,Anne

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Hi,I live not far from Josselin and I'm looking for an exercise class.  I would love to do "Body Balance" which is a combination of pilates and yoga but any suggestions to help get my lardy arse into gear would be welcome.ThanksJudith Hickling

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Does anyone have any experience of Scotto de Cesare in Ploermel, re cutting and colouring please

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Hello everyone, yes, I know is question has been asked many times before but, as we all know the regulations, I haven't seen any of the responses, so, I am looking for a dentist in area 22 within a 10 mile radius of Loudeac, I've found dentists in the town but hoping for recommendations from those of you who know. I'm not bothered about the dentists ability to speak English as I guess that for 80% of the consultation, I'll have my mouth open and only be able to grunt!thank you in anticipation 

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Going into Pontivy hospital for an eye operation.ptergion has anyone had experience of this??

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The following article looks too good to be true but is stating that all pension income whether state or occupational will be exempt from PUMA cotisationshttps://www.french-property.com/news/french_property/brexit_long_term_residentsHas anyone else heard or seen anything "official"?

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I had a dental appointment today and it confirmed that my tooth is infected. The pain in my jaw is so severe that I can't describe it. The dentist which I got to see said that my tooth had most likely abscessed and I could either have it removed or have an emergency root canal therapy ( http://www.emergency-dental-365.com/procedures/emergency-root-canal/ ). Has anyone been through this? What does this sound like to you? Should I have the tooth removed or have the root canal treatment?

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I'm trying to add my Wife to my RSI with Harmonie Mutuelle. They've asked for: Livret du Famille - any ideas what this is? an Attestation de fin de droits du precedent regime de Securite Sociale - as she hasn't been in the system before we don't have this! A translation of her Birth Cert - RSI didn't need a translation of mine. Has anyone achieved this recently and what documents did you provide? Thanks in advance.

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My Doctor wants a urine sample and take it to the Pharmacy - he quotes 80 Euro.  Is this right????    I thankfully do have a Top Up insurance but the price does seem excessive!  Do Phamacies take samples or should I go the Laboratory?   Thank you.

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Where can I take empty syringes for safe disposal?Thank you

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Has anyone had a cateract  op in the polyclinic in Pontivy? As it successful and if it was could you please let me have the name of the surgeon. I am due to have both eyes done and am a bit nervous about the outcome.

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