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HiI wonder if anyone can recommend a good English speaking doctor and dentist in the Dinan area? We have been here permanently for a few months already and trying to sort this side of things out.Please PM me if you have any info, in accordance with French regulations. Thanks in advance,Joanne

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We want to join the french healthcare system but seem to be blocked by protocol in the UK.  We need an S1 form from the UK but to get this we need to take our state pension.  It wasn't the plan for us to do this although we are entitled to it.  Has anyone any knowledge here as to why we have to receive our state pension before we are issued with an S1?

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After living here for nearly 10 years I had almost given up on finding someone good to cut my hair - which isn't easy to cut!  A friend of mine recommended a new hairdresser in Inguinel and I have to say that after my first visit I was really delighted with the restyle that he did.  He is only a young chap but very sweet and an excellent stylist.  You also get a head massage to die for when having your hair shampooed!  I paid 32 euros for a shampoo, cut and dry (including straighteners) so very reasonableDetails:  L'Instant Coiffure, 3 Bis Rue des Tilleuils, 56240, Inguinel - telephone 0297 878980His name is Benoit

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Hello I have been advised I need a Total Hip Replacement, luckily I have Insurance, has anyone had this procedure here ?  Can anyone recommend an English Speaking Surgeon ?  My French is OK but would prefer this for extra reassurance and medical explanations !  I have heard there is an excellent Surgeon in the new Hospital at Pontivy ?  I would also love to hear of people's experiences here and what to expect as I am terrified

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Any recommendations for an English speakng Doctor in the Carentoir/La Gacilly (569--) area. Unfortunately Dr Aubert in Carentoir is about to retire and isn't taking on any more patients! Thanks in advance.

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Wish to surprise my wife by giving her a pineapple print bikini which she always wanted, but don't have much idea about bikinis. Many times I have seen her visiting dollboxx. Has anyone have an idea about the product?

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Looking for a doctor in Merdrignac, Collinee or Ereac, or thereabouts/    Your recommendations (or otherwise ! ) would be much appreciated.    Direct to email please in view on AI ruling.Many thanks

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I am about to enrol at Weight Watchers and would love tohave some company going to the weekly meetings etc.  If anyone out there is also consideringjoining, but is perhaps hesitant as they too would prefer some company, pleaseget in touch.The nearest WW meeting to me is in the town of Baud and isheld on Friday evenings at 18:30.Look forward to hearing from you.Cheers,Tricia

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Has anyone had any experience of transporting blood samples from Brittany to the UK?

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HiDoes anyone know of any english speaking hairdressers in the Pontivy area please??

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Hi,Does anyone know of a decent Dentist who has some English in or around Fougeres -35 ?

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Can anyone recommend an opthalmologist within 50km of Merdrignac. I would like to see someone here in France and I realise that I may have to wait some months before an appointment.PM only please as per the rules of the forum.Many thanks

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Am looking for a dermatologist who is kind and who also speaks a little English !   Lamballe our best option.   Please email me ain line with Anglo rules.  Many thanks.

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We are off to Spain shortly and have been advised that we need a carte european, re our health cover, we have a complementaire and a tiers paient, but have been told that in the event of a problem we would have to pay and then be reimbursed, anyone any experience of this?

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My daughter is going on a school trip to China and has been prescribed the Hep A vaccination, however every pharmacy I've been to is out of stock of it and can't order it. There seems to be a problem at the labs for it.I've checked online and both the UK and France say it's advised.Has anyone been to a pharmacy that has had this vaccination available, it's called Havrix 1 440 U?The pharmacies suggested contacting the Army or the Hospitals, but I don't want to take supplies from such places, as its not an emergency, but at the same time I want her to be protected.Thanks for reading.

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We have just moved to 22 prefecture and need to sign up with a Doctor and Dentist. Closest towns are Fréhel, Matignon, Erquy, Val Andre or even Plancoet. Practitioners who use up to date techniques would be preferable and as my French language skills are not great, some English would be a help - any info would be greatly appreciated.PS I did post this a few days ago but for some reason, only the Title posted with nothing recorded on my Account so, I can't even amend or delete it.

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After a visit to an O.R.L. (ear, nose and throat) it has been suggested that I purchase a device to go in my mouth to help stop snoring.  He has suggested a SFA Contour Sleep Pro or ONIRIS.  Has anyone tried these and are they comfortable to wear?  

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HiI have recently moved from uk and living near Josselin I am wondering if anyone is a member of a local running club I have found details for a club in Josselin and am wondering is there anyone English speaking who may be a memberThanksSusan Roberts 

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