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Have these two communes welcomed their new doctor?   I need to find a new one as Cideral have changed their boundaries for Transport on Demand (TAD).  PM if you can  Thank you,

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Hi,I need an English speaking Dentist in 35, anyone know of any ?Thanks for any help

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I have a maison secondaire (so no carte vitale) and am likely to need a dentiste conventionné soon. Any recommendations for an English-speaking dentist in the Pontiviy, Josselin, Ploermel area much appreciated - I know they must be messaged privately. Thanks to anyone who can help.

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Hi all, new to Brittany. I am a qualified fitness instructor looking to set up classes (zumba style/aerobics/body conditioning) in the Combourg/La Boussac/Vieux Viel areas (department 35). Would anyone out there be interested? Be good to get started before Christmas :)

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Hi,Sometime during 2005 and 2008 when I was living in the SW, I went to an Opticians, had an eye test and bought some specs', as you do. We left France but returned at the end of last year.Yesterday I decided to go to the local Opticians to organise an eye test and get some new specs', Ha!? What the Hell has happened here since I last went to an Opticians in France? I couldn't believe what I was told and I would be grateful if someone  could confirm that wat I was told is true, and that I have not  misunderstood ?I innocently walked in to request an eye test only to be told that it was not possible. What I must do is make an apppointment with a specialist Doctor/Opthalmologist from a list I was given covering the Department, they would then give me a  eye test and a prescription, then I must find an Optician wno will make up the specs' !? I was also told that there is a SIX  MONTH waiting list to see the specialist.

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My daughter's carnet de sante seems to have vanished of the face of the earth. How do I replace it? I've looked online and it says to contact your PMI that is for your residence, but what is the PMI? The site give a search to find one, but nothing comes up with my postcode as it's a small village and it doesn't show the nearest one. How do I find where mine is? What does PMI stand for please? Thanks.

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Does anyone have any advice about buying a good quality ladies wig? There seems to be a vast choice online, but there are a lot of warnings about bad quality or rip-offs.Does anyone know any reputable online sites, or somewhere in Brittany we can go to?We live near Merdrignac, dept 22, but w

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Hi,has anyone had experience of getting residential care, not home visits for a partner with this terrible condition?My wife has had it now for 5 years and it is getting more difficult to for me and the nurses to provide care at home.

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when my husband comes home from hospital  after suffering a stroke what help is available.? Our French is limited so it is difficult to know who to ask as my health is not too good either. Thanks for any information. We live in Guingamp.

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HiCan anyone tell me where I need to register my qualifications as a Hypnotherapist in France i.e. with the Chambre de commerce or Chambre de metier?Do i need to register as a micro-entrepreneur or?Also I am looking for a company to insure me as a hypnotherapist does anyone know who could do this?Thanks in advanceTrazar

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Anyone interested in forming such a social running group in Finistere Region (Huelgoat / Carhaix area?For those who don't know it's basically a social running group where members follow a paper trail (at times false trails) with a booze up / snacks at the finish.Plenty of info on Wikipedia.

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Anyone interested in forming such a social group in Finistere Region (Huelgoat / Carhaix area)?For those who don't know it's basically a sort of race navigating across unfamiliar terrain between a series of mandatory waypoints. More fun than it sounds.Plenty of info on Wikipedia.

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Can anyone tell me how one can contact "Ameli" (CPAM) without having French health insurance? I frequently holiday in Brittany, and applied to CPAM for reimbursement of medical costs. I was told this should be done in a month. But it's over two months now, and no sign of them oney. I looked online, and in order to be able to email ameli, you have to give your no. de sécurité sociale, which of course I haven't got. Does anyone know how one gets round that? Thanks in advance.

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I have been given 2 prescription for glasses - varilux for every day and a  second pair for using whilst on the computer from an Eye Specialist at the local hospital.   Should I go ahead - where can I go to have my glasses made to my prescription etc.  Any idea of price etc.and refund from my Health Insurance etc   Thank you

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Has anyone out there done a full course of the above subject.  l am on my second session and I am not finding it easy.  Does it get easier or am I just a wimp.Not fishing for sympathy just a few different views.Thank you.

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Has anyone been to the zumba class in Dinan?  What is it like?

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Would like to know if there are any pilates lessons in Dept 22, in particular near to Plemet, Loudeauc areas.

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We are moving to France in the next couple of months and would like to ask what expats in our situation do about their healthcare. Having researched this very thoroughly I know we are not eligible to apply to go into the French system for 3 months. We will not be working and are not yet in receipt of UK state pension. I have contacted a number of expat healthcare companies and the prices quoted seem very expensive. I would really like to hear from expats in a similar situatIon and have details of companies/prices That are being used.  Many thanks.

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Would like to know if there are any pilates lessons in Dept 22, in particular near to Plemet, Loudeauc areas.

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Looking for the above Dr who has/had a practice at Pontivy Polyclinic.   Cannot find him anywhere - has he moved away?

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