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I want to start swimming but am very slow and not confident. Each time I have tried the pool at Carhaix it has been very crowded and restricted lanes. Can anyone suggest a pool that doesn't get too busy, or advise times when Carhaix may be quiet, preferably during the day? Thanks

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Please can some one help me I have been butchered by a dentist, I have been desperate to see another someone who does not hate the english like this  one does. I have been so ill with my teeth and payed him a small fortune. Can anyone give me the names of good dentits , I have tried calling a few and no one is taking on new patients or I have to wait 5 months for an appointment. Plrase mail me with any suggestions.

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Hi All.  Does anyone organise gentle walks (3-5 miles) in Finistere area pls? Thanks.

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Please can anyone tell me if there is an Eye hospital akin to MOORFIELDS in london..  I live in Brittany.   Thank you

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Want is the going average for cover for 70+ please

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Hi does anybody know where I can purchase nice and easy hair dye light ash blonde I live in meneac have friends arriving so don't want to look to wild thank you 

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Bonjour mes amis ( hello my friends ) , I hope that you are all well and that everything is positive for you all.My dear mum is suffering from arthritis quite badly in her hands and arms and of course I would like to see her relieved from this suffering if it is possible to be so.A friend of mine many years ago back in his forties had severe problems getting in and out of his car because he was riddled with arthritis,until at least he by chance spoke with a sports therapist who strongly recommended that he started having cider vinegar and honey in a glass of water every morning. He has been 99 percent better ever since and even now in his seventies he goes off skiing every year and feels great from doing it.I have looked on line and lots of people have had similar positive experiences from this. The entire first page in google is full of good comment and advice,except one scientist saying it is not true.I was wondering if any of you lovely people have had first hand experience with this.Here is the link that is first up on google-http://homeremediesforlife.com/apple-cider-vinegar-for-arthritis/I look forward to hearing from you and hope that this relief is true and helps any of you that need it as well as my mum.Love and light to you allJamie xx

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Hello,Looking for advice from anyone who has suffered from the above. Should I get treatment from the doctor or is there something I can do. It has been 6 months now and it is becoming a nuisance. I have read that it could take upto a year for it to clear and that it needs rest.Any advice would be much appreciated.

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Has anyone followed Dr Mihai from Mur de Bretagne down to Caurel?

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I am looking for an English speaking doctor for a friend who is here on holiday and has developed a back problem. Please email me privately if you know of anyone. Many thanks

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anybody know of any boot camp style trainers or class's near dept 22 please?????  Or other group fitness activity's??

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I am hoping to start a starting a Slimming World type group basedon the Slimming World food optimising healthy eating plan. It will be held weekly,probably for 2 hours each week, mid-afternoon, starting in November. Initiallyover the winter months only (as I am unable to host during the summer period),perhaps during the summer months there will be someone else who can host.Really it is just somewhere to come and get weighed, support and motivate eachother, and encourage each other to stay with the healthy eating plan, with theintention of losing weight. I am not a qualified Slimming World Consultant anddon’t want to consult the group, we will all need to get our own understanding ofthe plan and help each other, but I am going to buy all of the latest 2016Slimming world books as a guide. There is already a lot of information out thereand also a Facebook group which you can join with loads of helpful informationand advice. If there is anybody out there who has recently followed the planwith success, has a little knowledge about the Slimming World plan, and isinterested in coming and advising they would be more than welcome. There willbe no money involved, just a gathering, weekly weighing and a chat really, butmaybe we could all give a euro or two to be donated to a charity. Anyway ifanybody in interested please pm me. Location: Dept. 22 between Uzel and Mur-de-Bretagne 

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Could someone suggest an English speaking dentist in Carhaix or Rostrenen area.  Quite urgent.  Thank you, although I am not sure how you can contact me as not allowed to publicly give any names.  Perhaps Admin could advise.

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Hi All Does anyone know of any yoga classes around Huelgoat/Carhaix way? (29). Thanks.

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About a month ago I had a blood test, it was about 9am. I had the results about 4pm on the same day, direct from the Lab via the Internet. My Mother lives in Cornwall - she went for a blood test 3 weeks ago and has not yet had the results.Whenever I hear about Brits returning to the UK I always think to myself "are they aware of how bad healthcare is". I know there are people who love to criticise France and its many foibles but I am very, very happy to be living here not least for the excellent healthcare. 

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Hello, does anyone know of any good yoga classes in the Loudeac /Uzel areas? 

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Does anyone know if I can buy this at the Aldi at Pontivy and if so how much it is ?

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Hi - we are new to the area and wondered if anyone can recommend one?

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