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I want two back teeth implants doing here, has anyone had them done and can give me an idea of the cost. Trying to compare cost of perhaps going to Poland to have them done, got a estimate within 12 hours but its an 8 month waiting list to have first consulation in Lorient. 

started by: skip_mandy-400022 · last update: 1467622777 · posted: 1467369012

Just wondering whether there is a carers agency in France?  My friends mother, French, needs additionalsupport – washing dressing etc to allow her to stay at home.  She is in hospital at the moment but when athome has nurses 3 times a day for medication and a home help a few times perweek to help with shopping cooking etc.  Shelives in Lorient.  As she is French acertain level of French language may be required but not necessarily essential.  Living accommodation is available.

started by: Caroline Hepper · last update: 1467125311 · posted: 1467125311

Looking for a mobile Beautician, for manicures/pedicures in Corlay area, or someone prepared to travel to that area. Thanks.

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anyone interested .starting in july .  get in touch   jane.frazer@orange.fr

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For the first time in 10 years, have picked up a very bad virus and wonder if anyone else has suffered and if so how long does it last.  It inolves loss of voice cough and general malaise.   Thank you for any advice.

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hi i am looking for an english speaking hairdresser mobile or salon, i live just outside of redon area 35 , but my address is in area 44 so i can travel . thank you

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I am looking to get incontact with a Hypnotist, as I would like to know, how much a session costs & if I can be helped. I live near Loudéac on the D786 area 22 on the boundry with 56. If you can help, please E-mail me, Dougal.cello@hotmail.comMany thanksEliot Cello

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Hi, this comes up so many times, but can anyone tell me of a dentist that is actualy taking on patients,anywhere from Loudeac to Josselin to Quinton don't mind travelling for one, they seem to be non existant nowadays. And one that spoke a bit of English would help, thank if you know of one.

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Looks like a hip replacement will be on the cards soon :-(Any info/experience, i.e.how long in hospital, recovery time etc, from peeps who have had it done would be welcome, looks like it will be done in the hospital in Redon.

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Anyone in the Huelgoat/Berrien and surrounding 10kms area interested in doing the 5 Tibetan rites of rejuvenation, perhaps once a week.

started by: jimbo99-445600 · last update: 1464366868 · posted: 1458587285

Chronic hip pain / muscle pain forces me to seek non-medicine aid to reduce it. Any ideas for aid close to Carhaix ? Thx.

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HiWe are moving into the area soon, any recommendationsThanks

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I am looking for an English speaking hairdresser in the Carhaix area,  also similarly a chiropodist in the same area.  I have had a French hairdresser previously but he spoke enough English for me to communicate what I wanted doing.  Any suggestions please.

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Does anyone know of an English speaking doctor near Dinan area ?Please pm me if you can helpThanks

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Can anyone point me in the direction of where I can get a diabetic eye test in or near Loudeac. Someone who speaks good French was going to sort it for me a few months ago,  but might be quicker to have it done in Jersey or Guernsey as I understand there is a long waiting iist for eye tests in France and it is well overdue.

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Just moved to area and looking for a new doctor who preferably speaks a little English north of Mayenne.  

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I have just had my Hair done by a fantastic English Hairdresser. Mur de Bretagne 22 area will be definetly using him again . no more French haircuts for meemail for contact details

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