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Hi does anyone know if there is any english speaking female doctors in the redon area ? please email info to me thank you 

started by: Sbnorton · last update: 1460744550 · posted: 1460654709

Can anyone tell me how to find an English speaking dentist Rohan/Brehan/Josselin area?

started by: Moon_day · last update: 1460305825 · posted: 1460282519

Hi AllMoving to Brittany soon (near to Mur de Bretagne (Ponitivy, and Loudeac are 2 of the nearby towns).  I know it's a long shot but are there are English speaking yoga classes in this area pls?  I don't mind what type of yoga...but I am at novice level - only 2 months in!!Many thanks.

started by: Sue-Limerick-854574 · last update: 1460234490 · posted: 1460234490

I am moving to Brittany and was wondering if I would be able to get work as a health care assistant, I have level 2 & 3 in health and social care. I do not want a full time job just a few hours a week. 

started by: pancypotter · last update: 1459707129 · posted: 1459707129

Has anybody been to see neurologist in Pintivy please and if so does he speak English. Thank you so much xxx

started by: judithhickling · last update: 1459673324 · posted: 1459673324

Hi does anyone know a beautician in Dept 56 , preferably either Pontivy or Josselin way that does Caci facial treatments.  I think in France it is called Catio.  If you do can you let me have a name and number or salon address.  Many thanks.Judith

started by: freewheel · last update: 1459326951 · posted: 1459326951

Please can anyone know an English speaking cardiologist - Pontivy/Lorient/Vannes area. Many thanks.

started by: icap45 · last update: 1459250445 · posted: 1416139652

Hello,  I am interested in your thoughts and opinions regarding eye tests and glasses in France. I am a British expat living in Brittany and for the past 10 years have commuted to the UK to work. I am an optometrist and so working in France was difficult due to differences in the eye care system. Things in France have changed over the past few years and an optician with the correct training can now do an eye test, and as I am fed up with commuting I am considering opening an optician's shop in Brittany, doing eye tests ( within french regulations) and selling glasses and contact lenses.   I have seen several posts on this and other expat forums regarding the difficulties of having an eye test in France with long waiting times for an eye exam with an ophthalmologist and regarding how expensive glasses can be here.   It would be great to hear your thoughts on eye tests and purchasing glasses in France and get some market research from the expat community in Brittany.   Thanks for your help,   Isabel 

started by: DavePB · last update: 1459232639 · posted: 1459232639

HiHaving seen an ad in the Connexion newspaper for top up insurance by a company called Swiss Life based in Bordeaux, I was wondering if anyone had any experience of them?Thanks in anticipation.

started by: Pete143 · last update: 1458851589 · posted: 1453407697

We have just moved into the collorec area 29530 and are looking for recommendations for English speaking dentist and GP please.

started by: Yaddlethorpe Crossroads · last update: 1458648496 · posted: 1458593670

Need a crown and would like views on Metal v Porcelain. Secondly are crowns covered by Mutuel Insurance etc, thank you

started by: Dangermouse · last update: 1458593200 · posted: 1457987552

Hi does anyone in the rostrenen area know of an english speaking nurse for a blood test please? Thanks! 

started by: gay-396351 · last update: 1458551694 · posted: 1458551694

does anyone know of anyone who practices mesotherapy for pain relief?

started by: Tyandree-392234 · last update: 1458408488 · posted: 1458408488

Does anyone know of an official organisation which tests cookers, etc. for gas leaks? If not, any artisanal testers?

started by: clairlune · last update: 1458328340 · posted: 1458290455

I seem to recall a company ( Steves Spas, I think) advertising the need for storage in NW France. This was on Old Skool AIBretagne, so obviously the posting has been deleted in favour of new look and new ads. Can anyone give me the email address. Merci d'avance.

started by: jackorjason · last update: 1457884214 · posted: 1457867389

With the new site is it possible to reply to comments etc ? Start a discussion / debate about a topic or not ? Would be a shame if it wasn't

started by: lb107 · last update: 1457863750 · posted: 1456498631

Hi all, We have just moved to Brittany dept 22.Can anyone give me any help for an English speaking hairdresser .we are in the callac area but can travel, Many thanks.

started by: HarleyRider58 · last update: 1457805982 · posted: 1453792600

Hi Folks,   Have read that there have been changes to the French health care system, and that it's much easier, as of January 1st, to get our carte vital... For us that are overwhelmed with all of this, is there somewhere we can read about it? Most interested as I am a pre-pension retiree...

started by: countrydweller · last update: 1457805756 · posted: 1456396998

If anyone can recommend a dentist in the Carhaix area please who is considerate towards a nervous patient either French or English speaking could you please PM me.Many thanks in anticipation

started by: MrsOverallagain · last update: 1457723245 · posted: 1446025199

Can anyone recommend a mouthwash that doesn't give the feeling of having gargled with paint stripper? I have a recurring problem of sore gums and mouth ulcers. Listerine and Colgate are too aggressive. The smell of Glyco Thymol reminds me too much of a miserable great-aunt of mine, so that makes me shudder too. Sensible suggestions please. 

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