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If anyone has experience of selling household items using ads in local papers I would like to hear how it went.  Thank you

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Can anybody tell me what the name of the French equivalent to Canesten thrush cream is please?

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hello all,I am moving to Guingamp soon and due to brexit  above are no longer delivered to France. please help where to buy. Thank you 

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Hi everybody, i cant find any locksmiths in the directory so i was wondering if anyone had a recomendation for one. The back door of the house i bought in Pleugriffet has a Euro cylinder lock and no key!  drilling it out myself may be possible but likely to take a long time so i think i may have to call in the experts for this one. many thanks Andy

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Hi. Can anyone recommend a swimming pool company to renovate a leaking pool !  We’re in Brittany but bordering 44/53/49.  Many thanks 

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Hello Would appreciate your advice on planting Lombardy Poplar Trees as a screen in a windy spot.  They will be situated along the boundary of my Farmer/Neighbour's Field and 17m from the side of my Garage.   I need something fast growing as the farmer has removed trees on both sides of our property and its now rather exposed.  I believe that there are rules for planting next to boundaries but I am unsure about distances. Many thanks & look forward to reading your replies.

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Hello.   Wondering if you could help.  We have a field adjacent to a our neighbouring farmer.  As yet it is not fenced off but has recently been planted with Poplar trees - 2m from the boundary to reduce wind as it's quite exposed.  The farmer sprayed his field with a Herbide/Pesticide and this has scorched 2m of the grass/lawn on our field - just near the newly planted trees.  What are the rules governing Herbicides/pesticides & spraying adjacent to neighbour's fields?  Will repeated spraying in the future do damage to the Poplar saplings?  Will the grass regrow?  Any guidance most welcome.

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Hi,Just wondered if anyone had installed Just-apose composite decking?We have had a quote from them for 'everything' including the composite rails to attach the boards to install the decking but our ground is on a slight slop. Do we still need to build a wood frame work underneath or can we try and use the height adjustable feet? The boards will be the exact width of the area, so no joints.Lynn

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Can anyone recommend a plumber in 22110, I need a sink removed and a replacement fitted in garage. 

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French paint is useless ! We have just been renovating our stairs and when we came to paint them with a satin finish paint, trade name 'Nuance', it is rubbish ! The coverage is awful, it has taken x6 coats to get anything like a decent finish, and we are still not happy with it.  Haven't the French heard of 'non drip' or 'one coat' !? Can anyone suggest where we can buy decent paint, is it possible ?Thanks.

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We are looking for someone to service our burner any suggestions please

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Hi, We have been looking to downsize a bit as we have far too much land but also want to change the area.  We have scoured the adverts of the agents and havn't been very successful at all.    To start with it seems almost impossible to find out where a property is.  When I have viewed them in the past they have been many miles away from where they were supposed to be.  The agents havn't been very helpful at all.  It's so disheartening.  We have been here many years and have had the experience before of moving house and it was not so difficult as it is now.  Covid or not it should not be so difficult to make an appointment to view if we are ultra careful.  The agents do not seem to care if they sell or not.  We want a place with a minimum of 10 hectares of mainly grazing land, a large comfortable house with large rooms (a manoir type) plenty of barns and outbuildings and not more than 10 km from the sea around the north coast of Brittany or may be the Manche (not too far from Granville).  Most people seem to sell their houses and the land is a separate purchase but no one is prepared to tell me how much the extra land is as they prefer to just sell or rent l the house on it's own  so that SAFER do not get involved. SAFER have done no favours at all for the small farmer or smallholder.It is such a shame that old farmyards are being split up forever.  What is the point in having a beautiful big house, lots of outbuildings and use them just to do up for gites or storage?  Any suggestions anyone?  We converse in French so that isn't a problem.   

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Can anyone recommend a reliable person to mow a lawn in the Malestroit area  plz TIA

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Hi, does anyone know the best place for thick (25mm) floor boards in the carhaix area? 

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Need to replace the cover on our Polytunnel  where can I find a replacement many thanks 

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Dear all,I have recently moved to Rennes after years of being abroad. I am a South African/French national and am looking at opening a House and Garden maintenance company. I have an extensive back ground in Resort and Hotel Construction so have the eye for details. Please give me a call for top service.Regards,Grant 06 40 63 74 58

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Hi, I am looking for someone who can take a few large items and other bits and pieces to the local Decheterie for me middle of march for a reasonable price

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Hello,Gas fire for sale. This is the gas fire that connects to the gaz de ville. It gives off a lot of heat and does not need cleaning like a log fire.I have just replaced my mother's gas fire for a remote control one (at 85 she will find it easier to light), so I am now selling the one she had which is in perfect working order. Bought in England 10 years ago.The new one came with a new surround (silver colour) and front  grill (black), and back plate she did not change this, so I am selling them with the fire. Don't know how to put photos with my posting, so send me an e.mail if interested and I will send you some.Fire located in Pontivy, Brittany.This gas fire is similar to the ones sold by B&Q in England.Cozy, warm, clean and economical.175 onoAll replies please to:Maryse.email address: grenville@free.fr. (English and French spoken.)

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Can anyone recommend a company to fit a new micro sanitation unit near RoscoffThanks   Philip

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warning: Hello all you people who have your property on the market and are marketing your property yourself, apparently according to the one of the french newspapers their are people [ english and french] going around who are coming to view properties and giving rock bottom offers on it hoping that you are desperate enough to sell to them, then after they have bought it from you they then put it back on the market and sell it for double the price they bought it ...any property that has a house attached to land is a good target for these type of low offers as these are the properties which sell quite well if they are selling for under 100,000 euros

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