started by: Gary-Sims-955782 · last update: 1614505858 · posted: 1614435513

Need to replace the cover on our Polytunnel  where can I find a replacement many thanks 

started by: Garry-969396 · last update: 1614352376 · posted: 1614179524

Hi, does anyone know the best place for thick (25mm) floor boards in the carhaix area? 

started by: Grant-James-983698 · last update: 1614045931 · posted: 1612797704

Dear all,I have recently moved to Rennes after years of being abroad. I am a South African/French national and am looking at opening a House and Garden maintenance company. I have an extensive back ground in Resort and Hotel Construction so have the eye for details. Please give me a call for top service.Regards,Grant 06 40 63 74 58

started by: Lilly111 · last update: 1612612714 · posted: 1612608849

Hi, I am looking for someone who can take a few large items and other bits and pieces to the local Decheterie for me middle of march for a reasonable price

started by: mensignac-95856 · last update: 1612091371 · posted: 1612091371

Hello,Gas fire for sale. This is the gas fire that connects to the gaz de ville. It gives off a lot of heat and does not need cleaning like a log fire.I have just replaced my mother's gas fire for a remote control one (at 85 she will find it easier to light), so I am now selling the one she had which is in perfect working order. Bought in England 10 years ago.The new one came with a new surround (silver colour) and front  grill (black), and back plate she did not change this, so I am selling them with the fire. Don't know how to put photos with my posting, so send me an e.mail if interested and I will send you some.Fire located in Pontivy, Brittany.This gas fire is similar to the ones sold by B&Q in England.Cozy, warm, clean and economical.175 onoAll replies please to:Maryse.email address: grenville@free.fr. (English and French spoken.)

started by: philip-couchman-982712 · last update: 1611781280 · posted: 1611781280

Can anyone recommend a company to fit a new micro sanitation unit near RoscoffThanks   Philip

started by: bantry · last update: 1611485280 · posted: 1354827578

warning: Hello all you people who have your property on the market and are marketing your property yourself, apparently according to the one of the french newspapers their are people [ english and french] going around who are coming to view properties and giving rock bottom offers on it hoping that you are desperate enough to sell to them, then after they have bought it from you they then put it back on the market and sell it for double the price they bought it ...any property that has a house attached to land is a good target for these type of low offers as these are the properties which sell quite well if they are selling for under 100,000 euros

started by: Allegra · last update: 1611319489 · posted: 1610981925

Hello Would appreciate your advice on planting Lombardy Poplar Trees as a screen in a windy spot.  They will be situated along the boundary of my Farmer/Neighbour's Field and 17m from the side of my Garage.   I need something fast growing as the farmer has removed trees on both sides of our property and its now rather exposed.  I believe that there are rules for planting next to boundaries but I am unsure about distances. Many thanks & look forward to reading your replies.

started by: Marie-Prevost-981270 · last update: 1610547841 · posted: 1610547841

I have just bought a property and the english gaz boiler is out of order.Would you have an engineer to recommend? The boiler is a Alpha eco2plus. Thanks 

started by: Angela-Thorpe-980905 · last update: 1610419092 · posted: 1610189912

Can anyone tell me if we can pay at IKEA Rennes with an English credit card

started by: skye1 · last update: 1607688887 · posted: 1607599383

Can anyone please tell me if there is a insurance cover specifically for plumbing that i can take out to include blockages , burst pipes

started by: Sophie-Smith-904045 · last update: 1607279686 · posted: 1599129875

I am looking for someone to do gardening work or odd jobs once a week.I am not far from Dinan 22100 or Dol de Bretagne 35120.Thank you.

started by: flyer58uk · last update: 1607153858 · posted: 1605449251

Hi allI am looking at the possibility of sourcing a gardener who serves Loyat, and wondered what the cost is likely to be if there is one..General gardening, and tidying needed...Thanks

started by: Jan-Fortune-975486 · last update: 1605351340 · posted: 1604400462

Hi - we've just moved in  and apart from the fact that the outgoing owners left tons of unwanted furniture and other debirs it's a great house. It's older so we expect some issues but having trouble locating information and artisans -- moving at the start of lockdown at least got us in but not making it any easier :) We have no hot water. It looks like the metre is set to auto so it should heat on hueres crueses but nothing for 4 days and previous owners say they know nothing. At a guess it's more likely to be an electrical issue than plumbing, though we also need a plumber for a non functioning shower and sink in an en suite area. Any ideas on the water and any recommendations of electricians and/or plumbers in the Scrignac/Huelgoat area very gratefully received.

started by: Mark-Broad-975889 · last update: 1604931810 · posted: 1604926730

I have seen metal gutters in Brittany which lie one tile up from the roof edge, therefore minimising the impact of the gutters on the wall and windows below it. Does anyone know where I can source it? Photos would be handy.

started by: frenchbeads1-425526 · last update: 1603686555 · posted: 1405984928

Having sold, prior to completion, the attached small house of our main and only residence, we realise that we have to pay capital gains tax. Same house number, you could wander through from one to the other internally - but for 8 weeks or so in the summer it was a gite and because I have obviously declared the income of this, the notaire suggests we have to pay capital gains on this. It's not easy to work out as we bought it all together, eg. Main family house with attached small house. And we have used the small house as our own house, to sleep in and eat in etc but the sticking area is the two months a year we tried to let it out as a gite. I'm not really questionning the french law - it did surprise us to learn that our only house qualified for capital gains but am wandering if anyone else has been in this position and if there are any other pointers we should consider. We know that we need to gather factures of official work done by registered enterprises to offset. 34% we understand the tax to be. Many thanks for any other info or thoughts.

started by: Deirdre-Szpera-974828 · last update: 1603531543 · posted: 1603530335

Hello, We have a holiday home near Dinan. The roof tiles have some asbestos fibre content. The roof is old and needs either refurbishment or replacement.  It seems that many old rural French properties have these sort of roofs.  However, we can't find any roofers who work with these tiles to repair or remove them . Anyone know of any suitable roofers or Asbestos contractors in Department 22? Thanks

started by: LAURAMB · last update: 1603463726 · posted: 1603452468

Is there anyone in St Nicholas du Pelem who would be prepared to pop a note to our tenant telling her we have been trying to find a roofer to look at the house but no success so far? Post will take too long and she does not do texts or emails. Have left messages with her by phone through a French friend here in London but she is not picking them up or returning calls. It would be helpful to have someone we could use to liaise with her on a regular basis re issues - not sure if people offer that kind of service. She does not speak any English. 

started by: LAURAMB · last update: 1603452224 · posted: 1603452224

I emailed three roofers about 2 weeks ago to ask if people could go to see our cottge in St Nicholas and talk to the tenant about the issues with a leak in the lounge roof. Did not get any replies. REALLY need someone to give us a quote asap. Have tried leaving messages for the tenant to give her consent to go ahad herself and get quotes but she is not picking up her messages it seems. Might be ignoring random UK calls! Is there anybody that can help urgently? Thank you!

started by: Dalmatian-391209 · last update: 1603110751 · posted: 1142690984

Of all the categories on the forum there isn't one for "Gardening",which I am sure you are passionate about !!! I was wondering if it would be possible to start a "Plant and Seed Exchange and Sale/Buy" Scheme between members of the Forum. Would welcome any input. Cheers

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