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Our property came with a large pond full of goldfish but sadly lacking any plants to provide hiding places and shade for them. Can anyone recommend a garden shop/garden centre in cotes 22 which  sells water lillies and other floating plants, alternativley has any one got an over stocked pond they would like a hand clearing in exchange for a few plants please? John DoeArrogance is a character fault of those who know what the hell they're doing.

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Magasin Vert at Lannion has some outdoor aquatic plants; not sure if they had water lilies though

Hope this helps


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Hi we are off to a nursery that supplies the retailers. Will email you privately if we find the place again. We were there last year and they are much cheaper.


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Sounds great, how about sharing it with us then?!



Bonedome 1110112000

Hello Belle!

Did you go to this garden centre then? If so, how about letting the rest of us in on it then?  I need lots of shrubs, and pond plants.  I know of a large place near Plessala, is that the one?



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Well, it seems nobody wants to share the big secret of where to but pond plants and Belle has certainly it seems, decided she is not telling us her big secret!!

Never mind, I've found some more small conifers and herbs, I am sure I will find some more!  If anyone wants to know where I went just ask.



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You didn't find any corriander plants at your herb suppliers did you?

bellegalfemme-385484 1110230125

I have not posted because I have not been yet. We were snowed in for a week so it was not possible. I am going in a week and if they have them I wil post. An englishman near plestin le greve has a herb nursery with masses of rare herbs. All the nurseries around can give you directions as he is quite well known


bellegalfemme-385484 1110230202

Name of herb man is natural gardens  Jeff Tewson 02 98 79 33 51


Bonedome 1110290943


No, never saw any corriander plants, I have some seeds I think, will start them off soon.

Thanks Belle re the herb bloke, I bought some fairly large herbs at Carrefour and leroy Merlin yesterday.  It's all starting to happen now in the shops!!  We've had loads of leaflets through today. Look forward to hearing about your trip to this nursery Belle.



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