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Looking for recommendations of trustworthy, reliable and affordable service in areas of plumbing, electricity, moving a boiler system, shifting internal walls, locating and investigating fosse septique in our recently purchased home near Callac. Would appreciate people who might offer advice in exchange for a cuppa or meal to start with please. Much appreciation to all responders. 

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MaudieMaudie 1487417885


Some recommendations for you:

Electrics - Plusqu'elec Electricity. Stewart and Amar Tel/ 02 96 21 53 60

Fosse septique - S├ębastien Camus -  Argoat TP Tel: 02 96 45 77 97 S├ębastien is French but speaks excellent English

Internal work - Robert Taylor bulding srevices Tel: 02 96 24 64 97

All the above are fully registered artisans

Hope that helps

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Thank you! Thank you! This is excellent information and I will be in contact with them this week. Merci! 

Minx915 1487504771

Great Andy. We have still to investigate what the house is constructed of and make more assessments. We will be in touch about the beginning of April when we have our permanent move.

best regards.

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give  joe Cassidy a ring his numbers 0647351351 he's French registered and helpful

Dylan's mum 1488373358

Can recommend James 06 73 53 20 42. He's multi-skilled, polite, efficient, produces a quality finish as well as being neat and tidy in his work.

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