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Hello will soon be moving to near Carhaix Plouger.Can anyone tell me if there are shops like or equivalent to B&Q etc in the Carhaix area? Also whats the shopping like(furniture etc) in Morlaix,we are as yet undeided whether to buy sofas etc here and take them or in Brittany ....and pointers anyone?...much appreciated.

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Mister Bricolage is on the outskirts near to McDonalds going towards Callac. At the other end of town is an Intermarche complex that includes a DIY warehouse. There is also a BUT shop that sells furniture etc near to the Intermarche. Sorry can't be more specific about the addresses but they are all well advertised and signposted.


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you will find a list of DIY shops and builders merchants who speak English, as usual, in The AngloFILE here

happy DIY!



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We're coming over to St Servier in April when we complete on our house and have a slight problem in that we will have no furniture in it! 'Camping out'  indoors is no problem but will electrical suppliers/furniture suppliers deliver reasonably quickly? We're going to need to buy a cooker, fridge, and other small items until we move completely in July.



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Castorama and Conforama, both found at Quimper will accept orders by fax (fax numbers are found on the web sites)  and either deliver, or hold goods for you to collect on a particular day. I pre ordered a cooker, fridge, freezer washing machine and dryer and collected them all one one day trip to the different shops in my van (Conforama hire vans on a day basis if you dont have suitable transport yourself). You can order stuff through their websites too, but the delivery time/ day/ week tends to be a little less precise. It can be a bit daunting at first , but I am sure that you will find, as I did, that the shop staff want to provide you with a real service, and take a pride in that service provision so you wont arrive to find them laughing at you because your stuff has gone to the other end of the country...

Tony in Guiscriff 56

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We used Conforama to buy all of our furniture, check out their website conforama.fr - we ordered by fax about 4 weeks in advance and they replied by fax with a precise delivery date - we had to phone them to ask for the reply  fax to be sent - each shop delivers in certain areas on certain days -Also they do not accept credit card payment on delivery - but I am sure you can go to the shop in advance where they can process your payment - we ended up high tailing it down to the local Credit Agricole where a very nice bank official parted with all the cash he possessed in his drawer!  The second time we got a delivery from them we made sure that that we had our bank draft ready for the precise amount!  Best of Luck



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Use brico depot in plouignou its cheapest, Mr Bricolage in Carhaix if your french is not good. Big mat for bigger quantities in carhaix. For furniture try BUT in Carhaix or Fly in Morlaix, Monsieur Meuble and Richlou in Morlaix all in Geant complex.

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Has anyone ever bought a kitchen with B&Q and brought it over?

The website says they don't deliver abroad.

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Hello Ted,
I brought a flat-packed kitchen over from 'Focus' and had it installed locally in France. The kitchen sink was purchased in B & Q but I bought the taps etc. in France to ensure the pipework was the same size. There was no problem with the installation but the units were quite heavy in the car!!

Lia 22

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I recently fitted a kitchen bought from Hygena in France which was made in the UK with english instructions and did the job nicely (and at the right price too!)

The appliances and sink/taps were also very reasonable and good quality,

There is a previous discussion here and hygenas website is here though in French.




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If you're looking to install a kitchen I can recommend Cuisinella.  They have outlets around most of France.  I bought mine from the St. Malo branch and they were absolutely brilliant.  website:  www.cuisinella.com then click on "points de vente" at the bottom of the page. A map of France comes up and just click on your area for a list of stores.  They do lots of ranges but if you're intending to install the kitchen yourself, go for the "Rapide" range - self assembly, though you'll need someone to connect up electrics and plumbing.  Frankly, it was worth having Cuisinella design and install it - they did mine while I was back in England and it was pure heaven to return to my French place to see a fully installed and working kitchen.  They also do bathrooms.

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forgot to mention: in the St. Malo branch, there is a lady called Anne who speaks perfect English. Thanks to her, everything went smoothly

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