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Can anyone tell me if the B&Q in Jersey stocks the 'takeaway' kitchen range?  There's a kitchen that I really like & it would be easier to pop over to Jersey on a day trip to pick it up rather than back to the UK!  And yes, I have looked at French kitchens but quite frankly, don't like the styles!!**************Fleur

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Julie Ryan 1123156046

There's a B & Q in Jersey?   My husband will be in seventh heaven when I tell him.   He looks around B & Q (and other DIY stores) like I look around clothes/shoes shops!   Whereabouts in Jersey it is?

Julie Ryan

(3 weeks + 3 days until we arrive)

snowbird-384475 1123157203

It's just outside St Helier and it's just undergone a refurb.

nicktrollope-381989 1123159585

And yes Fleur, they do. I have got a couple from there (before they refurbed) although they did not have all of my firsy choice in stock on one occasion. I gather that this has improved with the refurb.



Fleur-387620 1123162632

Fabulous news, thanks!!  I'm going to phone them first or try & order online to be sure it's all there when I go over.


dabbityduck-384379 1123167923

If you're taking a car and you're going to be parking in St. Helier then get your parking cards on Condor - it's marginally cheaper and will save you hassle when you park.

56 Josselin

nicktrollope-381989 1123174625

Especially as you can't park anywhere near where you can buy the cards and you need the cards to park....

Emeraud are alot cheaper than Condor.

Fleur, if you do manage to order for collection for the Store in St Helier, please let us know, as I may avail myself of this facility.




JulieP-387851 1123362026

Am I missing something here? If Brico Depot is B & Q by another name, and a lot cheaper, why come to B & Q in Jersey?


nicktrollope-381989 1123365683

Interesting point, 'cos Mr Bricolage in Dinan now stocks B&Q kitchens. I must compare the prices....


Azlan-389041 1123365822

Kingfisher PLC 

No. 1 retail home improvement co. in Europe. 3rd Largest in world.

Home Borse London

Holdings :-



Screwfix Direct



Brico Depot


Part holding of Hornbach


 OBI Asia Holding Ltd (Recent agreed acquisition)

Holding co. of OBI China

JulieP-387851 1123441905

Let me know the results of your price comparison. Or, as I am in Jersey, tell me the prices at Mr Bricolage in Dinan, and I'll tell you the equivalent here. It will help us decide whether to buy for our French house before or after we depart Jersey.


Alison35-385907 1123445597

www.diy.com - St Helier Jersey (Supercentre)

Not all Kingfisher owned companies have same pricing/sourcing therefore best check individually.

My full time occupation is to supply B&Q/Casto from ICI Paints - Dulux/Cuprinol/Hammerite/Polycell


Ille-et-Vilaine (35)

cherrypie-389030 1123593162


Great information there about PLC holdings.  Makes you just want to lol when you hear people say they don't like the french style when it probably all comes from the same manufacturer in the first place.  Why pay a ferry fee when you can get it round the corner. 

transit190-385848 1125003402

Be carefull the customs in st Malo at the moment are very picky If they see boxs in the back of a van or car they will pull you and charge you VAT or TVA on everything

Which may not make it a good deal after all  I expect as the wheather gets colder they wont want to come out of there cabins so much

Also B & Q Jersey does not stock all the ranges But They will order for you quick delivery too


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