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Does anyone know of the least expensive places to buy electrical goods in Bretagne? Prices to rival and the like or do people buy in Angleterre and import? Ty Korrigan le Jardinier anglais

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Darty offer good prices.  Also the supermarkets have different promotions each week - very good prices on small electrical items.  Vaccuum cleaners for 13 Euros /  Lawnmower - 31 Euros.  Keep your eye on the mountain of leaflets that are delivered every week.

David56-382819 1108501482

But remember you get what you pay for, so proximity to domicile, and after sales service, (SAV), might be worth taking into consideration, as well as price.

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White goods, rather than brown goods, are far more expensive here. You CAN buy cheaper promo stuff as in the weekly prospecti, but they are generally eastern european garbage. Been there, done that.

Avoid brands like Tokiwa, Curtiss, Proline, amongst others.

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Have a Proline TV in regular use,7 yrs old......

viking-386819 1109090672

We always check out ElectroCass before we buy any white goods. They are situated to the south of St Brieuc heading towards Quintin in 22. They stock end of line goods, slightly damaged stock etc so they have what they have - we have never been dissapointed.


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There is a huge selection of white goods available over here and a huge variation of prices to match.

Six months ago we ought a vacuum cleaner from Super-U for 20€ which is really good. Later this week we're off to pick up a dishwasher for one of our gites from Conforama for 295€ which is the best deal we can find for what we are looking for. Be prepared to shop around and you can buy most things just as cheap if not cheaper than in the UK.

If, however, you are buying something that is vital to your everyday life, such as a washing machine or cooker, then it may be well worth going to somewhere local like Gitem as they provide a superb back-up on-site repair service. In these cases it really can be worth paying a bit more for peace of mind and it's good to support your local stores. Gitem's prices are very competitive anyway providing you are looking for the well known brands.

If you have a portable electrical item (kettle, iron etc.) that goes wrong three months after you bought it, don't expect to get a replacement straight away, as you often would in the UK. If you return it to the store where it was purchased they will send it back to the manufacturer for repair which often takes up to 3 weeks.

James ~ resident 35 ( between Dol and Combourg)

yorkshiresigns 1109100641

I've used Conforama several times, service was great. They even took my old fridge away !

Andy H.

ledraig 1109101595

We've bought from:
Prices are pretty good as they have end of line goods.

Johnee 1110832646

We are coming over in April and hope to buy Dishwasher, fridge,Washing Machine etc.. We are in a place called Plussullien near St Nicholas du Pelem, are any of the stores mentioned near here? do they install?  


John Edwards

janefrazer 1110900632

Last year I was doing the same as you and I found one of the best and cheapest places to buy white goods was at Carrfour. They normally have items on promotion. I used the Guinguamp store and they delivered everything free. The delivery men even offered to install the washing machine for me. I am also only 5 minutes away from St Nicolas Du Pelem.

I will be over between June and September .




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I also use Carrefour, albeit the Keryado, Lorient store. If buying several items it is well worth getting their loyalty card - a fridge, washing machine, microwave etc will soon gain you a reasonable quantity of loyalty points which you can redeem for groceries at a later date. They also have a scheme which entitles card holders to extra discounts - most of the big stores offer similar schemes. Afurther discount can also normally be gained if you offer to buy the show items off the shop floor.



Johnee 1111082040

Thanks for your help I'll try them is the Carrefour at Guinguamp on one of retail parks? or actually in the town?

John Edwards

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