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Can you buy bolster ( not sure of spelling) pillows in France, you know, those long sausage shaped pillows. I've tried to get them in the uk but no luck. So are they still available, and do they come in different price ranges according to the filling. Divaling.

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You can indeed any large supermarket geant carrefour French name Traversin hope this helps


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And all the covers too.........on the other hand, less easy to get English size pillows, the French prefer the 60 x 60 square ones!

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Don't know where you are in the UK but if you're anywhere near a Dunelm Mill Shop, try there.  I bought a load before I left, just the pads ready to make covers(I will get round to it one day, promise!!)  They were cheap as chips, I think I paid about £3 each.

Having said that, they are very easy to come by here anyway!!


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I'm in North Devon at the moment about an hour from Exeter, tried most local shops including Trago ( those that know it), but no bolsters to be had. I need one for raising my legs, got a problem with circulation at the moment, I thought the realy firm type of bolster would give more support than a pillow. So if I can get them in France great, or any other remidies for circulation while I'm asking?


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