broad beans

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I planted broad bean seeds as normal in November in the polytunnel.  Because it has been so mild, they are now 6 inches tall!  Do i risk planting them out or leave them where they are?

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moi-383589 1514028435

Leave them where they are.

psmpsm 1514028768

I planted mine out last year but after 3 nights of -10 all but two died.

The year before they were fine, so I think it all depends on how cold it gets this winter.

myrtle-391965 1514028843

Thanks, Moi!  Just hope they stop growing!!!!!!!  Happy Chroistmas!

myrtle-391965 1514029348

That's the million dollar question, psmpsm!  Knowing my luck, i think i will leave them where thery are!

Oldbury 1514114677

replant them outside, growing them slowly will reduce black fly and you'll get a good early crop. Up here you should be fine, protect them if it get's really cold.

myrtle-391965 1514116552

Might try planting out just a few to see how they do.  As for blackfly, on Gardeners World they said pinch out the soft top growth as soon as flowers appear, as that is the bit the little beasties go for!  Happy Gardening!

Oldbury 1514288651

Never mind what they said on GW; outdoor sown in October will not as much blackfly get. 

myrtle-391965 1514298950

Beg to differ - they most certainly do!!  After the first ones were decimated this year I picked out the soft tips of the others and had no more trouble.

Clartem 1514314890

I am not sure about moving broad beans out of a polytunnel as I sow mine straight into the raised bed. For the last couple of years my November  sown beans have been more productive than the early spring sown ones. They can look a little bedraggled ( not yet this year) but grow through it in spring. I live nr the coast in South Finisterre so that might help.

myrtle-391965 1514461004

Well, as usual with gardening, its a caee of fingers crossed and wait and see.  Seasons are all over the place - got azaleas, camelias, primroses, roses, anemones and violets all flowering at the moment!  Shall leave my broad beans tucked up for a while yet!

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