Broadband speed using Free simcard?

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Hi everyone,We're exploring options for internet access in rural Brittany. The 4G signal round us is pretty good, so one of the options is a 4G wifi router using the Free Internet 4G 100Gb simcard.However, the advert says that the bandwidth is reduced if you don't use put the Simcard in a Freebox (which we don't need because we don't have a landline). Does anyone have any experience with how much the bandwidth is reduced?I need a solution that will allow video conferencing and almost constant use of cloud services like G-suite and Office 365.Many thanks,Mark

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bartyb 1520448956

I don't see where it says that and certainly I don't have any issues, I've installed such set ups for several customers haven't had any negative feedback (yet).

My Free 4g sim in a router with external antenna (as I'm in a pretty rubbish reception area) ticks away at 40mbs down and 5mbs up.

You'll need to look at how much bandwidth you use, I have one customer who complained about his satellite connection and was using 50+GB PER DAY on stuff that was just keeping synched with cloud and office computer

Mark-Berthelemy-924333 1520856977

Thanks @bartyb - that's good to know.

I've reread the advert, and it says reduced flow above 100Gb. So I'd misread it. :-)

I'm recording my bandwidth use over the next couple of months to get a good feel. Although 50Gb per day to synchronize sounds incredibly high!



bartyb 1520869172

It was........but then again it was a Mac so I've no idea what it was doing but I could see the usage graph and await the customer telling me that the connection speed was hopeless

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